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31. Many people say they want to feel “comfortable,” or that they admire people who seem “confident.” What do these words really mean to you?

Comfortable for me is wearing something I don't have to be worried about all the time (for example: not wearing a skirt that I'm constantly worried is being blown up by the wind or a t-shirt that's a little too fitted and have to worry about how my stomach looks when I sit down etc etc) and that comfort kind of allows for confidence...

Heidi Prescott

People who don't take any crap from anyone and wear sensible shoes they can kick ass in.

i guess that would be sexy and alluring.

SJ Kurtz

as i said near the top of this survey i admire confident people. i think comfort leads to confidence.


Comfortable: Not having to worry about feeling exposed/that things aren't looking or working right. When I'm comfortable, I can then be confident.

Confident: Walk with pride. Don't recede in on themselves, instead they project outwards. Always looking up, being present in the world, not taking anyone's BS.



I'm not a native speaker of English... Well, I those words make me think of people that look good no matter what they are wearing. They feel good about themselves and it shows.

Anneli Saari

Comfort is being within your zone while confidence is reserved for people willing to push the boundaries and be outside their zone.

Lottie S

Vyenna Pearcy


bedtime !

Alannah Albany

comfortable means lazy. confident means feeling good in your skin because you know what you do and you know it is right.

Theresa Schlichtherle

Pour que no los dos? I like when women aren't afraid to dress for the occasion. If you're hiking, dress for it! No worries and women being ready to go oddly inspire me.

Kay Mollica

Comfort for me means not having to adjust, check or fix anything throughout the day. It means everything fits right and feels good against my body. Confidence for me looks like someone who isn't concerned with their appearance, or contrasting that--someone who is making a bold statement with their makeup or clothes.

Ali Underwood

Theresa Seraphin

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May Hasabi

Comfortable means someone who is happy with whom they are. And someone who does not feel that there is a considerable amount of effort involved in something.

A person who is confident is a person who does not worry about what others think of them, yet still wants to be a person whom others think highly of.

Grace Hall

Courtney Schmidt

I think if you wear the right clothes you can have the effects you want

Danielle O

If I wear sneakers to office but then I am worried about it being too casual in office then those sneakers are not comfortable to me, regardless of how good it feels to my feet.

Confidence is if I don't care whether I look too casual in office or not.


yanqin lin

As I've already said I dress for myself so I'm always proud of my choices. Just stop caring too much about masses and their opinions.

Valentina Rosso

Madeline KL

Heidi Madsen

I am an admirer Of those people as well. Even if a person isn't up to most people's standards and they still love themselves, that's beauty

Amber Doty

To me, it means that someone is wearing their own skin like the best, most favorite outfit they've ever had -- flaws and all.

Alisa Houghton

Bryony Angell



Sophia Ruthkowski

Comfortable = pragmatic clothes. I can walk in the city in the elements in it; it doesn't chafe or rub or pull or need re-adjustment. It doesn't reveal things I'd like to keep private.

Confident= clothes that don't need a lot of attention, so I don't feel self-conscious; feeling like I have the right attire for the occasion, like I understood the expectation.

See Mags

Comfortable means that I'm not worried that something has rolled up or someting is sticking out.
Confident makes me think of "always" commercials

Marta Ochnio

Lauren Campbell

I find the whole concept of "comfort" weird when applied to style. My bed, hot chicken soup, or an embrace can be comfort to me. Style, elegance or fashion bring energy, fun and surprise to my life. And confidence!


Feeling comfortable is when you don't rush home just to get out of your outfit. Feeling confident is when you dress for yourself, not for others.

Jas White

Being comfortable means being content and at ease with who you are, un-self-conscious, and unaffected. In terms of myself, I feel most comfortable wearing dressy clothes and no make-up. I wear these clothes at home and on the weekends, with no one else around, because they make me happy. I feel more relaxed and comfortable in dressy clothes than I would feel in jeans and t-shirts. I don’t feel that pants allow me the same freedom of movement. Comfortable clothes are clothes that one feels physically at ease in and one can do everyday activities in.
Being confident means being proud and accepting of who you are and unconcerned with how others view you. People who are confident don’t seek external validation; they are able to accept compliments and attention but don’t expect or require them. Confident people are fearless; they’re not performing. I think comfort leads to confidence.

Lissy Irions

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