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31. Many people say they want to feel “comfortable,” or that they admire people who seem “confident.” What do these words really mean to you?

Comfortable and confident seem intertwined to me. If you are comfortable in your own skin -- no matter what you are wearing -- you are confident in yourself, regardless of the circumstances.


Scarlett Thompson

'Comfortable' to me translates to feeling good about my body, feeling like I am carrying myself in a way that I wouldn't be ashamed about from the outside.

I was confident as hell when I was younger and have lost some of it as I've aged. Anxieties set in my early 20's so I am trying to overcome those and get some of my game back.

Being confident to me means that you do what you want, get what you want and don't give a damn.

Meredith Stapon

I'd like to be both, but I don't think I am


For me feeling comfortable is just you're okay of your style than confident being positive about your look

Lea ndele

Eel Scott.

Michelle Curley

Ginny Ruwilt

Comfortable is a matter of fit and flattery--most often, we're uncomfortable when clothes are too snug in some places or we feel they're exposing our real or imagined flaws. I think comfort is also about dressing appropriately. A comfortable outfit can be bold, but it's not overtly inappropriate in a way that draws more attention than you want to receive.
Confidence is such a personal concept. I think women put unreasonable rules in place about what's flattering. I read in Betty Halbreich's book that almost no woman loves her upper arms. I wish we could all forget these silly rules so we felt confident more often. I think confidence can be found in clothes that make us feel beautiful and powerful.

Jasmine Henry

I think they mean the same thing in a way. It's the absence of self consciousness. Feeling at home in their own skin.



being oneself and owning it.

neija tappia



comfortable means nobtugging, pulling, fussing or the desire tobrun home and undress
confident is when you nailed the right look for where you are.

bonnie smith


iris elenes

Leah Czaley

I think when im confident im a better person, as a mother and wife but also at work.



Rosa Allison


Comfortable; means you like what your mind is saying when no one is there.
Confident; can stand alone without the help or praise of others.

Morolake Mo

Serena Martin

Comfortable, or more like comfy, is my favorite word. I strive to be comfy in every area of my life. I think that these two go hand in hand. Confidence is the ability to feel comfy in the hardest of situations. And that’s totally a conscious choice. You’re never going to please the haters, but you can always ignore them.

Emmy Jarvis

ozzy birben

"Comfortable" usually means ugly. Confidence usually comes with being well groomed and in good quality, clean clothes that are not necessarily comfortable.

Ozlem Alkan K


T. A.

Pied Avocet



Abby Swain

they want to look nice


It mean a lot to me to have some kind of assurance about the way they live.

Mozhgan Foroughi

Mathilda Osborne

Every person who visits my home or gets to know me says they "are soooo comfortable & relaxed in my presence" as I am very tolerant of others' styles. I am confident and have high self-respect. When one is OK with who they are, it spills over. Comfort is my #! priority in all facets of my life. I'm confident because I've succeeded in most everything I've tried, and have learned from my mistakes.

Renne' Rondell

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