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31. Many people say they want to feel “comfortable,” or that they admire people who seem “confident.” What do these words really mean to you?

Comfortable means that I'm not worried that something has rolled up or someting is sticking out.
Confident makes me think of "always" commercials

Marta Ochnio

Lauren Campbell

I find the whole concept of "comfort" weird when applied to style. My bed, hot chicken soup, or an embrace can be comfort to me. Style, elegance or fashion bring energy, fun and surprise to my life. And confidence!


Feeling comfortable is when you don't rush home just to get out of your outfit. Feeling confident is when you dress for yourself, not for others.

Jas White

Being comfortable means being content and at ease with who you are, un-self-conscious, and unaffected. In terms of myself, I feel most comfortable wearing dressy clothes and no make-up. I wear these clothes at home and on the weekends, with no one else around, because they make me happy. I feel more relaxed and comfortable in dressy clothes than I would feel in jeans and t-shirts. I don’t feel that pants allow me the same freedom of movement. Comfortable clothes are clothes that one feels physically at ease in and one can do everyday activities in.
Being confident means being proud and accepting of who you are and unconcerned with how others view you. People who are confident don’t seek external validation; they are able to accept compliments and attention but don’t expect or require them. Confident people are fearless; they’re not performing. I think comfort leads to confidence.

Lissy Irions

Daniela Chica

Angela DiDomenico

Comfortable implies to me: no stress, no anxiety, no doubt and a positive energy. And i think it's the same with confidence applied in a more general way, sense + mind

Alice Grillet

There’s two ways to look at comfort. Comfort in the sense of confidence, not being judged or criticised, feeling like something you wear is you. That is important but it should be you who likes it and you shouldn’t worry about what others think.

My sense of comfort is more practical. Can I climb a fence in this? Will I be warm enough if I go to the cold library? Will my feel be dry if it rains today? Can I run for the bus in this bra? Does this waistband allow for the big meal I am about to eat? It is very important that your clothes allow you to live your life the way you want to live your life.

Sarah Hill

I said the same thing!!

Comfortable means that your dress isn't so short you have to pull it down all the time. Jeans aren't too tight. You feel great about yourself. Even a coctail dress can be comfy as long as the fit is right.

Confidence means being good in your skin. You don't fret about evey wrinkle or pimple. You exude glamour and strength.

Natalia Petro

Comfortable means that your pants don't cut into you when you sit down, that you can't feel the g-string riding up your butt, that your bra fits properly and that you have room to move freely and breathe freely.
Confident means that you take pride in yourself, and don't really need validation from others.

Emily G

With feeling comfortable it's when you don't even care how you look just as long as you could stay like that all night.

monthati mkwanazi

Watching the way someone moves, not over fussy in dress, chic, like Audrey hepburn

Rachel x

Jayde Lederer

Kay Belardinelli


Comfortable means at-ease and confident means you feel good about yourself.

Elizabeth Siebel

feeling comfortable is the most important thing, when i am dressing up.
it's hard to feel confident when being uncomfortable, right?

Barbora B.

Bryony Hall


I look in the mirror and smile. My husband looks at me and smiles. My life is complete.

Linda Lincoln

Lauren Tussey

That they really feel like they look great.

Tina Smith

Some clothes just make you feel more confident than others. Maybe you think you look great in them. Or you're portraying who you want to be. I'm always on the hunt for clothes that make me feel confident... but I could never describe what that is, it's just a feeling you have when you put the right garment on.

R L McMaster

Anna Maria Purcelli

Qamar Juhdi

Shea simon

comfortable = confident
If you are comfortable you are confident.
Discomfort comes from insecurity.

Joan Baez

Emma Holland


Elizabeth Kirshner

K Brower

"Comfortable" means I've forgotten what I'm wearing because it fits well and I'm not tugging or adjusting anything.
"Confident" means your clothes don't speak for you, they're just enhancing your mood or your message.

Marta Lilly

do what you want.
you will never know what others are thinking so stop catering to their supposed thoughts you, yourself, conjured up.
let go of restricting thoughts and you will always feel comfortable and confident.

Bridget Nielsen

Susan Vee

Comfortable means more relaxed & confident and less yoga pants. My sister once said something along the lines of being classy is being able to relate to people below and above your social status, and I've really applied that to how I dress, too.

lottie g

Feeling comfortable means my shoes aren't killing my feet, waistband is not to tight, neckline is not choking meet but neither am I having to hike up to keep from flashing breasts, fabric texture is not giving me the creeps, and tag in clothing is not itching me to death.
Confident means you wear the clothes, they don't wear you. You know your physical assets and weaknesses and dress for each. You finish it off with excellent posture.

Rachel smith

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