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31. Many people say they want to feel “comfortable,” or that they admire people who seem “confident.” What do these words really mean to you?

I think they mean the same thing in a way. It's the absence of self consciousness. Feeling at home in their own skin.



being oneself and owning it.

neija tappia



comfortable means nobtugging, pulling, fussing or the desire tobrun home and undress
confident is when you nailed the right look for where you are.

bonnie smith


iris elenes

Leah Czaley

I think when im confident im a better person, as a mother and wife but also at work.



Rosa Allison


Comfortable; means you like what your mind is saying when no one is there.
Confident; can stand alone without the help or praise of others.

Morolake Mo

Serena Martin

Comfortable, or more like comfy, is my favorite word. I strive to be comfy in every area of my life. I think that these two go hand in hand. Confidence is the ability to feel comfy in the hardest of situations. And that’s totally a conscious choice. You’re never going to please the haters, but you can always ignore them.

Emmy Jarvis

ozzy birben

"Comfortable" usually means ugly. Confidence usually comes with being well groomed and in good quality, clean clothes that are not necessarily comfortable.

Ozlem Alkan K


T. A.

Pied Avocet



Abby Swain

they want to look nice


It mean a lot to me to have some kind of assurance about the way they live.

Mozhgan Foroughi

Mathilda Osborne

Every person who visits my home or gets to know me says they "are soooo comfortable & relaxed in my presence" as I am very tolerant of others' styles. I am confident and have high self-respect. When one is OK with who they are, it spills over. Comfort is my #! priority in all facets of my life. I'm confident because I've succeeded in most everything I've tried, and have learned from my mistakes.

Renne' Rondell

To me my clothing can help me to be more confident and I also like to feel comfortable in my clothes because that also helps my state of mind.

Debra Mandeville

To me these words mean that I am happy in my own skin and I don't want to change anything about myself.

Esme Hill

Akshita Sharma

confidence is comfort with yourself
comfort with yourself is confidence
for clothes to help with both, you need to feel good in them, and that means no pulling or pinching or finicky bits. the clothes work with pragmatic perfection. you can almost forget about them but maybe you are aware of how lovely they are to wear.

see mags 2

Comfortable for me is wearing something I don't have to be worried about all the time (for example: not wearing a skirt that I'm constantly worried is being blown up by the wind or a t-shirt that's a little too fitted and have to worry about how my stomach looks when I sit down etc etc) and that comfort kind of allows for confidence...

Heidi Prescott

People who don't take any crap from anyone and wear sensible shoes they can kick ass in.

i guess that would be sexy and alluring.

SJ Kurtz

as i said near the top of this survey i admire confident people. i think comfort leads to confidence.


Comfortable: Not having to worry about feeling exposed/that things aren't looking or working right. When I'm comfortable, I can then be confident.

Confident: Walk with pride. Don't recede in on themselves, instead they project outwards. Always looking up, being present in the world, not taking anyone's BS.



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