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34. What do you consider very ugly?

Overly synthetic anything.
Head-to-toe unnatural grooming (i.e. I can't tell what your natural hair colour, skin colour, or anything is..)
Flashy plastic platform high-heels, especially if they are too small or too big for the foot.
Too tight clothes that reveal all the underwear.


When somebody do not accept the way they are and then try to be like somebody else whether it's by dressing, behavior or any other way. That's just ugly and sad. But what's even uglier is when some people easily look down on others because of their dressing sense, behavior or any personality trait.

Nothing is uglier than hate, hate speech and/or hateful actions.

Brown leather in clothes except from shoes.

Meanness, negativity, violence.


When I have to wear nice than I have pimple in my face


Unnatural-looking makeup which dramatically changes the appearance of a person's face.
Khakis and boat shoes, honestly.

Noise, bright colour, attention seeking, chaos


Arrogance, or a sense of superiority.

hair do and looks of makeup
too much scent
large prints on large bodies
long nails
sausage casing clothes with lots of skin showing
unless you have athletic body


I dont like the Word ugly, i feel its describes Things in bad way

Ugly - hatred, violence.


A sneer on someone’s face. Roadkill. Moldy strawberries.


Nobody is ugly unless they project hate.

No pond, no frogs.

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