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34. What do you consider very ugly?

Jealousy, rudeness, inconsideration, racism, ignorance, That band "Korn."

Rhinestones, Ed Hardy design aesthetic, cowl necks, neon, Miss Me jeans, highlights in hair, crochet detail on tops/dresses, and any outfit that is right off the rack (styled exactly how it was in the catalog or store).

Smoking. Tattoos. Visible g-strings.

Clothes that don't fit right


Hatred, bigotry, selfish acts of kindness

Harshness, greed, intolerance. I also really don't like the color orange very much. Still on the fence about purple.

In clothes, I think overt branding is very vulgar. I do not care for sports team attire, and I think young white men who let themselves get fat and then criticize society are very ugly. Anyone who lets themselves go in this way loses credibility, especially white men.

Vulgar clothes, outfit or behaviour.

Tacky. Cheap. Thoughtless.

UGGs and Crocs. Grunge. Most tattoos, nose rings and piercings in general, beards. Unkempt, malodorous people. Neon colours. Cheap.

Arrogance, self-importance, selfishness.

Lying, faking. Trying to hard to pretend. Being mean.

Fakery and conformity.

Ugly people are petty, mean and only care about themselves.

Desperation for attention in group situations, desperation for recognition by others in professional capacities.

The media.. Trying to portray how a woman should look outside here..

Terrorism, sexism, racism, rape, sexual assault, child abuse, war, people suffering, unfairness in the world

I consider vanity ugly a lot. In my opinion obesity is very ugly. Ugliness is in the mind of the beholder.

Many random, clashing colors jumbled together all at once.

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