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34. What do you consider very ugly?


I dont like the Word ugly, i feel its describes Things in bad way

Ugly - hatred, violence.


A sneer on someone’s face. Roadkill. Moldy strawberries.


Nobody is ugly unless they project hate.

No pond, no frogs.

Those clothes which has the bad color.

Unkempt hair, bad breath, bad teeth, unclean clothes or a dirty body, worn out clothing, too much perfume/cologne, BLACK VINYL HANDBAGS (especially cheap ones), wearing anything brown or orange, too much make-up, high heels, big butts, obese people, poor posture, mean/frowning expressions on faces.

People who don't care about how they look.

the cheap, thoughtless, and badly made


a lot of personalities.

Too many colours or patterns combined. Visual noise.

Very ugly to me is someone who is not happy in their own body for a magnitude of reasons and is not willing to take the steps to make themselves happier. Its also someone who looks down on people based on their socio-economic status, fashion-style, body shape and personal circumstance.

unpedicured feet out in the open - I mean ugly, chipped nail paint, feet not taken care of say a lot about the person they belong to.


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