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34. What do you consider very ugly?

The "put-on-a-pedastal", the overly complicated, the souless (in regard to people, this would be their actions, everyone has a 'soul'), the mass-produced, the stagnant...

Greed, big trucks, arrogance.

Nothing is ugly; it just may not be my taste.

Selfishness, cruelty, lack of presence


Hipster styles, business attire, conservative clothing, frowns, boring clothes, beige, stains on shirts or pants, pantyhose, boring high heels, lack of effort, pants above belly buttons, too short shorts (AKA labia shorts), ill fitted clothes.

Pessimism, not having your own personality, willful ignorance

Judgement, narrow-ness, spite.

Almost no one, unless their face is un-animated, no life in it. Dead features. That scares me.

Cattiness, jealousy, scandalous/provocative just to makes others uncomfortable.

Excessive branding.

too done up, too much makeup, too blown out hair, hiding something, high heels and low cut jeans, overt brands, snobs, slave to fashion.

having no opinions or original thoughts - this usually makes itself present through slouching and frowning.

Shoes that look like you are trying to be ugly. It doesn't have to be heels to be cute, but flatforms, Birkenstocks, Crocs and the like just kill me. Inside.

Nasty people. Selfish people. Sexist men. Drop crotch pants.

It's hard, because often I love ugly things. Ugly buildings, ugly design. For me to find something truly ugly aesthetically it has to be aligned with things that I find ugly ideologically - greed, or arrogance are two of those things. But there are a few things I find just plain ugly. One even has "ug" in its name: ugg boots.

Poorly fitting clothes.




I think there must be some sort of connection between ugliness, fear and shame.

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