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34. What do you consider very ugly?


Desperation and vanity. I don't find anything appealing about things that try too hard, and I'm particularly put off when I see something or someone who seems to be proving their "beauty" at the expense of others. Attention-seeking trends often serve to make people feel badly about themselves.

Stiff fabrics that sit on the human body like playing cards taped together.
Jil Sander does this. Her shoes have hard little toes.
I really hate athletic gear, all those stripes and neon and glaring colours. I'm getting Adidas flashbacks. Sports clothes are lurid and make people identical. Lululemon is a fashion criminal.

Slavish adherence to Fashion Industry trends. And the thing many women have been doing with long hair, straightening it with a flat iron and streaking it.

What I can’t stand is when there’s a disconnect between the fantasy and its execution. Polyester pirates, synthetic Renaissance fair clothes. And, for that matter, women who put on extra-high heels to boost their self-esteem, but don’t realize the quality’s not there. It’s just trashy clothing because it’s made super-cheap. They’re trying to add value to their lives, but the objects they’re using to do this aren’t made with any good intention. The same goes for suits. It’s not even that expensive to have real things in your life. You can make them, go vintage shopping, whatever. Just put some thought into what you wear and what it does. When people don’t do that, I find the results really awful.

People who are cruel to animals and other people.

Again, it’s first about behaviour and how we treat each other: smallness, disingenuity (? disingenuousness ?), hypocrisy, self-righteousness, greed, narcissism – all come quickly to mind as forms of ugliness.
In the material: litter/pollution; logo-plastered anything

There is simply nothing more ugly than a woman who is pretty and has decided to settle at only that…vanity is pretty disgusting…just take a look at some of the self-portraits on Facebook.

Vapidity, entitlement, selfishness, slovenliness, ignorance. Too much plastic surgery. Clothes that are inappropriate for one's age or body type; i.e., midriff-baring clothes over flabby stomachs, muffin-top-inducing jeans, super short skirts over the age of 40, overly-twee outfits over the age of 30, going braless in a sheer t-shirt, underwear lines, ass-crack low-risers, animal prints (though I concede they work on some people), tacky beads/studs/embellishments, designer names printed on anything, genie pants, caftans—unless you are a fabulous Upper East Side doyenne, or Aretha Franklin.

I find very ugly the unrecognized perpetuation of societal poverty; the ignorance of racism, the manifestation of intergenerational child abuse and neglect, the unnecessarily biased attitude about homelessness and mental illness, and the way our government would rather fund the repair and construction of prisons rather than fund dilapidated schools and our educational system. And that is just for starters.

Bullying -- at any age.

Trying too hard, too much makeup, fake anything, bad manners, cruelty, manipulation, objectification, Uggs and flip flops, lying

uniformity, meanness, things being too tight

Smelly, dirty, gross or soulless things.

The "put-on-a-pedastal", the overly complicated, the souless (in regard to people, this would be their actions, everyone has a 'soul'), the mass-produced, the stagnant...

Greed, big trucks, arrogance.

Nothing is ugly; it just may not be my taste.

Selfishness, cruelty, lack of presence

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