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48. Do you find it comforting or constraining to have a uniform?

If I had one... Maybe comforting, if it suitable for me and for the task.

I often find it comforting to have a uniform that way your work clothes and daily clothes/formal clothes are not merged.

not sure

Constraining most of the time, comfortable when I'm working outside and need to layer up and it doesn't matter what I'm wearing.

I hate uniforms. Mostly because a uniform always means ironing.


Both. If it looks good I can accept it but wearing everyday the same thing is pretty boring.


I've never had one, but I always thought I would like to have a uniform at school or work.

I resist and hate having externally imposed ones.



It's comforting, because I don't have to wear a different outfit every day. And I know everyone is wearing the exact same thing.

Constraining. I never want to be required to wear a certain kind of clothing.

Depends if the uniform conform to my standard or not!

I hate it.

Yes, mornings are easier.

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