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48. Do you find it comforting or constraining to have a uniform?

Constraining cause it makes you feel being part of something you might not even been asked to join. Or a certain image is connected to that uniform and when you wear it you have that image.

The only time I ever had to wear a uniform was in middle and high school orchestra. It irritated me because I switched schools from seventh to eighth grade and my new school had these ridiculous red suits that you had to wear for orchestra concerts. At my old school they just had us wear black slacks or skirts with a white top. It's like certain schools are trying to make creative activities as humiliating/nerdy as possible.

It was very constraining to me, very stifling, but I can see how there could be comforting elements to it. Just not my style.

I would probably like to have a uniform so I don´t have to spend time thinking of what I´m gonna wear. Sometimes I like to play with clothes, but most of the times I prefer to play with other things.

No I don't like wearing a uniform because it is too drab.

constraining- unless everyone is wearing the same thing like the units where everyone wore the same scrubs provided by the hospital

I would prefer not to have a uniform.

Yes, sometimes.

I actually find it quite comfortable to wear uniform.

don't know.

I would quite like to have a uniform. Free choice sometimes bewilders and paralyses me.

In some ways it is comforting to know that I don't have to pick out a new outfit everyday but then again it can be annoying having to wear an uncomfortable uniform

constraining! to choose your own cloth is part of who you wanna be, it could be a very artistic part of your everyday life. not having that is boring.

I usually find it constraining, though sometimes it's comforting. But mostly it's constraining.

I don't really like uniforms but I've never really had one. they always look ill fitting.

a little constraining - (as mentioned above) unless the uniform was comfortable and flattering to all body types and ages, they should be banned

If I had it would be constraining

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