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48. Do you find it comforting or constraining to have a uniform?


Comforting, although there have been times when I found a uniform to be the most repressive thing ever. Now that I'm older (I'm 34) I'm more comfortable with myself. I don't feel like I don't have to have my personality on display as much as I did when I was in my 20s.

Yes you can't express who you truly are

Super comforting but if I had to do so everyday, I can see how it would become constraining.

Constraining. I can see the appeal of the uniform; not having to think what you're wearing, but at the end of the day, experimentation is fun. Clothes are made to play with, to express yourself and your creativity. So uniform equals jail in my book.

I hated my school uniform. This was more to do with it being poorly cut and made of polyester than what it stood for.
I also stopped wearing a white coat just as soon as I would get away with it - after 4 years of being a junior doctor.

I find uniforms are constraining because they don't allow people to dress the way they normally would. It makes the person in uniform become someone else, with something that has been picked out for them, like a factory bee.


I have always detested the very idea of uniforms. My first job in a drugstore at age 16 was chosen primarily because I felt the dark blue polyester "smock" with snap closures I would have to wear (over my own clothing) was highly preferable to the actual full uniforms of fast food and other positions available to high school students.


comforting because I don't have topic out clothing everyday.


I used to find it comforting when I had to wear a uniform. Everyone was dressed the same and I could wake up in the morning and not think about what to wear.

Yes, because it doesn't fit short people. A uniform you design yourself would be fine, as it would liberate you from the daily effort of thinking of something different each day in addition to eating/dropping kid off/commuting to work.

I would find it abysmal! I had work uniforms as a late teen when I worked in a bakery and a woman's clothe shop and I hated it. I felt ugly and not myself.


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