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58. Is there anyone that you are trying to attract or repel when you dress?

I think I like floppy hats, palazzo pants, and boyfriend jeans too much to attract men. I think I mostly dress for women.

Well, I don't know. I am trying to repel wasps and mosquitos even though I often wear blue. I carry a big bag and hopefully this repels drivers from hitting me with their car. Nope, I won't admit to trying to attract anyone.

attract: other stylish women to befriend, intelligent non-comformists, etc.
Repel: wussy-douchy guys who couldn't handle my confidence and maturity.

I don't think so.

Thankfully, not anymore. I never dressed for men, but I'm glad I'm not dressing for approval from other women anymore.

No; much like George Costanza, I am just trying to get my outfit to match my mood.

I'm trying to attract my people, and I know them when I meet them - sorry that's vague :)

Myself, my boyfriend, other women and men.

I try to look attractive in general to people my age when I make an effort to dress up, wether it be women or men. I think I uninentionally repel older people with my style - people sometimes sit away from me on public transport or give me disapproving looks.

I dress to either make me happy, or to be able to accomplish a certain task. Wether or not other people do or do not like the way I'm dressed doesn't usually affect me. There are a few exceptions: I have an Aunt who isn't keen on purple or pink so I avoid those colours when I visit her so she doesn't have to look at what she may consider to be a revolting shade. And also, when I'm visiting anyone I always try to wear something that they've given me or something that I think they'll like - a blouse with an interesting texture or pattern, for example.

attract: men
repel: men

I definitely want to look good to me friends, and yeah, guys. I don't think I'm consciously trying to turn anyone off.

I definitely still dress to keep certain people away- the way I dress is sort of a test, and if someone doesn't like it, or even comments on it at all, they sort of failed the test.

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