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58. Is there anyone that you are trying to attract or repel when you dress?

I have an hourglass figure and when I was younger I used to follow the fashion 'rules' and dress to flatter that shape - pencil skirts, wrap tops etc. There was a lot of street harassment so now I dress to avoid that.

I cannot think of anyone - at least not consciously.

only when I already have a thing for someone and try not to look a certain way but that always ends in indecision and I just go with what I feel like


If anyone it must be my hubby.

Repel anyone who’s threatened by a fucking independent woman. Because that’s exactly what I am, and I will use my years of athletics including boxing against whoever tries to deny me that.

Yes I try to catch my company attention.

Good grief NO!

No - just try and make myself feel good for the day.

Attract: smart people, people who want me to make them clothes.
Repel: trolls and wild animals.

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