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58. Is there anyone that you are trying to attract or repel when you dress?

I think I try to repel the societally expected and placid from my life, while attracting the adventurous and unique.

I'm sure somewhere in my unconscious I'm trying to attract like-minded souls. In my conscious mind, I think I'm just trying to look interesting to babies.

No exactly. But I like that it attracts some and repels others, it's a natural deterrent to the closed minded.

Yeah, I mean I'm trying to get compliments from people and not get hit on by men.

Not really.

Of course. But it depends on who is around.

Not really. I don't want anyone to react too negatively or positively.

attract my husband

i'd like to say i'm trying to attract confident creative upstanding citizens who want to suck the marrow out of life!

Repel those with no sense of style, or don't have the courage to express it. My friend Joye and I used to say that if the lawyers and the corporate suits who shared our bank of elevators gave us a dirty look in the morning going up, we were wearing a good outfit!

As a single gal in LA, I hope to attract a smart, creative, kind, sexy man. I'm not trying to repel anyone. Now that I think about it, maybe I should be?

When I was younger and much more miserable I'd often listen to the Throwing Muses song "Green Eyes" which includes the line "I wear your clothes like armour". A lot of the time, though I'm much happier now, I wear my (or your, considering my clothes are often secondhand!) clothes like armour. It's more about protection that attracting or repelling others.


Yes, my life partner. Attract, that is.

Answering this question is the first time I've consciously realized that what I wear is part of a larger project to rid my life of [male] harassment, objectification, and patronization. Looking too feminine often makes me feel vulnerable. A a singly, social woman, personal safety is definitely a concern, especially when out at night alone. The way I dress is often an attempt to repel or avoid physical, sexual and emotional violence. A lofty thing to ask of clothes in retrospect, but it feels very real.

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