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58. Is there anyone that you are trying to attract or repel when you dress?

trying to attract? maybe the latest crush. if there is one.

Young girls, but that's also with everything. I think I attract good vibes when I feel good about my clothes. It makes me brighter and more on my game of wit.

I know that my boyfriend and I have such a solid relationship that I don't need to dress to impress him as such, but he does notice when I've made an effort with the way I look, so I do keep him in mind when I dress, especially if we're going out somewhere together.

I want to like myself,that's the key to happiness and to be accepted/liked by the others.

I like to attract the eyes of anyone. I like to look beautiful for me, but it's nice to get attention from other. just to hear someone tell me I look nice Feels good

I am trying to repel catcalling leaches.

Yes, I enjoy dressing to excite my boyfriend.

Attract intelligence and compassion.
Repeal insularity of thought.

I think I'm trying to repel men


I try to look nice for friends and love interests lol. I don't try to repel anyone.

I strive to attract and repel all people, simultaneously.

I dress to feel comfortable, not freezing, or not to be over dressed. If i can repel all the perverts and bad minded men, i would be really glad. But i know it's not clothes that change a thing to be harassed, stalkers harass women for the pleasure of harassing us, not because we put red socks or white t-shirt, or a rainbow skirt. They harass us to make us feel uncomfortable. Clothes are nothing about this behaviour.

I want to repel people who can’t put up with me dressing a little bit weird. Its a self-fulfilling aim.

No. It's okay if girls or guys don't like how i look. It isn't their problem.

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