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58. Is there anyone that you are trying to attract or repel when you dress?

Other women to appreciate the outfit.

Opportunities and money, no person in particular.

Just my hubby

Not particularly.

i don't know.

To attract: intelligent male, with a good taste, but seomewhat rebel themselves. Females with these traits to be friends with.
To repel: male who search for a quick date, someone young, with little experience. Trendy women, who would despise me for being so behind with fashion and looks.


No. I want to attract everyone and spread joy with my energy and style. Not romantic attraction, just good energy that motivates people to smile and have a nice day.

I mostly dress for myself, but it's always nice when my husband notices.

i want to avoid harassment, i guess.

I'm trying to attract myself.

No. I actually do dress for myself.

No one in particular, or everyone

I don't dress to attract peoples only by myself

No, I just get dressed and people are either attracted or repelled.
I live in an area that's predominantly white, upper or middle-class retirees. Older men have the best reactions to my look. Some look horrified or disgusted, some smile at me, and the majority look confused.

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