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58. Is there anyone that you are trying to attract or repel when you dress?

I want to attract people with whom I would want to spend time - people with similar interests.

This one is important.
I have never been more attractive to men than in the week my father died. I was shocked and shattered. That made men see me as approachable. I don't blame them for this. It must be hard to be the one who generally has to make the first approach.
But I will never forget that my worst week saw strangers coming up to me--I was in office clothes--on the street and making offers. I looked vulnerable. I would just say, "Huh?" and look at them blankly.

I don’t think so. I sewed a beautiful apron using mola panels I bought in Panama. I had no thought going into it that it would have any effect on people, but I was getting shouts of praise from across the street. People might think that sort of positive attention sounds nice, but it can be exhausting dealing with commentary. I still love that apron, but now I only wear it at home.

I’m not that object-oriented, so no; though sometimes I wonder if I might be better served if I were.

I guess I would like to believe that I am attracting spiritual seekers unconsciously/subliminally; those who are looking for a spiritual teacher or someone who is interested in their spiritual development. I know that I am attempting to repel any man who thinks he should try and “hit” on me; it saves them grief if they get the message since I have no problem telling them to buzz off if they don’t get it.

People that I want to talk to.

I try and wear the sort of thing that would attract the sort of people I’d like to meet.

I want to keep my fella interested and attracted. I constantly apologize for spending so much time in pajamas. He’s an excellent feminist and doesn’t think I should be tyrannized by thinking I have to look a certain way. Anyway, I try to buy cute pajamas.

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