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6. What are some rules about dressing you follow, but you wouldn’t necessarily recommend to others?

Never short top converse.

Comfort first, always

Don’t wear blue and black together.
Skinny jeans don’t look good.
Avoid showing upper arms where possible.
Practical but cute, but I don’t put in effort to achieve that.

No ruffles ever.

Can you dance in it? If you are chased, can you run?

Keep a signature outfit that makes you feel pulled together that you can throw on when you don't know what to wear.

Whoops I answered that one already above.

Dont tuck in shirts if you have a muffin top

I am very practical in what I wear. It works for me but practicality isn't always the right defining factor.

Colors and shapes combination.

I'm pretty experimental, so again, no actual rules for myself.

Same as above

at home i wear no bra , i take my big pajama pants and make them into big shorts to fit me. cutting your clothes might leave holes. you shouldn't wear clothes with holes to the store.

Impulsive buying. I'm quite conservative, it rarely happens that I get struck by a wave of liberation and I dare to imagine myself in another view. But I need this refreshment from time to time.

not many different colours

I where what I like and I am not really interested in trends. As the matter of fact I do not no what are the trends as I do not care.

There are "professional" clothes and in professional contexts it is best to wear them.

I always wear short sweaters as I am petite. It doesn’t work for most women my age.

I can get dressed in about two minutes any given day.

Stay away from trends at my age

Try to limit colors -- i wear primarily gray, blue, and black with a green, coral, red and oatmeal thrown in

never match tight bottoms with tight top (loose-loose is ok). usually long sleeves. layer. avoid christmas colors. think about shoes and socks.

I don't wear all flowing baggy, head to toe. I feel that on me it looks sloppy, and that i need some definition and contrast - either fitted at waist, top or bottom. But on some people it looks great!

It's not a rule and probably pretty common but I prefer wearing stuff with contrasting silhouettes. If I wear a wide legged pair of pants I pair them with something tighter on top. If I wear a flowy blouse I wear it with something tighter on the bottom.

I dress totally according to my mood but I guess I won't recommend this to others because it might not be applicable for everybody. A lot of people have told me that they can't figure out what my fashion style is because they have always seen me in varieties of clothing. Yes, I dress up as bubbly, casual, chic, classic etc. So if a person is seeing me for the first time, it is impossible for them to guess my personality entirely based on my clothing. However, I have come across a few people who cannot relate to this because they told me that keeping a fashion style constant makes them feel more comfortable and helps them in building up their personality in a certain way. Hence, I guess this really differs from person to person.

Never go out the door without looking your best . . . it can be paralyzing to mind, body and soul.

I am shy of bright colours.

I value comfort over everything else. Even style. I would rather be underdressed and comfortable.

I follow some stupid rules about coordinating colors and shapes that I learnt as a child and that are maybe a bit outdated

I usually wear casual but many people don't like that so if you don't feel comfortable of what you wear be free to change

It's okay to be the best dressed in a room.

I always, always wear my pants pretty snug. It's a matter of preference, really. I still wear a lot of skinny jeans and I like flares a lot, I can't make myself get into boyfriend jeans.

I wish I was willing to play around with baggier bottoms, like paperbag pants because they're really pretty universally flattering.

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