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6. What are some rules about dressing you follow, but you wouldn’t necessarily recommend to others?

I never ever wear anything that hurts my feet. Tall heels will never receive attention from me. Platforms are a yes. Go go? Hell yes. If it hurts now then imagine it after 8 hours of standing and walking!

I hate trying on

I don't care about looking respectable.


I never ever wear black and navy blue in the same outfit, and I try to avoid yellow on my pale skin.

No one will notice if you wear the same pair of pants five days in a row.

none- really

Try everyday to make an ensemble; don't just throw things on.

to wear the same thing all the time

I think the most important rule is to follow the simplest color and shape on the clothes.

I try to use my clothes for as long as possible, and don't really wash them as often as recommended. Should probably start doing that...

As an old Hippie who went to Woodstock, I participated in a women's lib rally where we burned our bras. I haven't worn won since 1972. I don't need them. If you have large breasts, you may NEED to wear a bra, but PLEASE do NOT let the straps show beneath a tank to or sleeveless garment! I want to smack these women upside the's disgusting.

I like western but every woman must choose what she likes and what looks nice.

I don't care what you think, I'm going to wear it anyway.

i like to wear cloths which look simple ....not that catchy ...and are comfortable and i don't have to think much about my conduct after i wear it...i.e i don't have to worry about how i sit or the people around me...

i value a good fit first and foremost.
then it's the fabric- suitability to the design, to you, to your wardrobe.
and lastly design- will it last, will it be comfortable, will it be useful in my day to day life, will it fill a hole.

All black shades go together. All prints go together.

Stay away from bling. I just hate anything bling.

I don't wear bright colours. But it would be very dull, if everybody followed this rule.

I dress for my body type which changes from day-to-day. I hide the parts of my body that I don't like that day - whether it's in loose items or overly warm for the season I try to draw the attention away from them.

Do not show your tummy.

I don't like to mix patterns, personally but I know people who can pull this off brilliantly.

as above, baggy is good

rarely feminin colors. No princes--stuff

see above

I don't wear athletic clothing unless I'm working out.
I don't wear bras or makeup unless I have to.
I don't wear anything with text on it.
Being comfortable is the most important thing.
Swedish Hasbeens go with anything.

Observe your Feeling about how you want to look like until you have to go out.
Think about the settings you will be during the day but dont necessarily follow their conditions or Standards.
Dressing is exciting: be aware that you will be Seen and try to forget about this Point. To stand for what you like provoques controversion and can demand strength and Ausdauer. Its ok to have "Grey Mouse" days. But also there, Fashion can be used Not to be disturbed.

impulse buying

Cover your stomach. I believe myself to be pretty chubby, which is why I do it, but encourage other girls to think differently and be confident... I just wish I could convince myself of the same thing!

I tend to wear baggy, loose fitting clothes, and I tend to wear what many people might wear as a dress as a tunic or long top over trousers. I do that to hide the fact that I have a round, protruding belly. I wouldn't necessarily recommend wearing baggy, loose fitting clothing to other people as I do think it has a tendency to make the rest of your body look bigger than it actually is - something I often think when I look at myself in the mirror after having taken off a loose-fitting top or dress. But for me it works, and I'm generally comfortable with the way I look. I also wear a lot of black - again because it suits my shape and makes me feel slimmer. But I don't necessarily think that wearing black all the time is a good thing to do. People start to notice it. My boyfriend always comments on how black my wardrobe is - not in a rude or disappointed way, but it is an observation. He's encouraged me to add little bits of colour to my outfits, whether that be a scarf or a necklace (he bought be a blue gemstone necklace to wear with my black dresses!) and that's been good for me. Maybe it will encourage me to start wearing more colour.

I recommend my style to anyone who asks.

Always try and look sexy but not slutty

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