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6. What are some rules about dressing you follow, but you wouldn’t necessarily recommend to others?

Not sure I have any for this, either.

The more contrasting patterns the better. Throw on a striped shirt with polka dot pants, and when you look like a used car salesman, you're doing it right. I'm fascinated with contrasts - a girly party dress combined with sneakers or motorcycle boots.

I wish I had rules, I don't have any…maybe as I get older, into my 40s, not to wear as many avant-garde shapeless shifts...

Start with a good base - if you do not love your underwear, you might as well go back to bed.

I have a curvy figure with a large bust even though I’m on the short side, so I have to follow curvy girl rules that wouldn’t necessarily apply to anyone else. Also: heels. I have friends who hate them and would never wear, but for me they are a must. If I am not wearing heels at work, I have had people stop and ask me if I’m feeling okay. Also: dress for your mood. I know some people like to have a standard “uniform” they are comfortable with, but that’s just not me. Preppy one day, grungy the next, rocker girl with studs after that…

I wear the shit out of things until they start to fall apart.

Sometimes it's fun to be wildly overdressed.

I don’t know if I have rules, really. I guess I do, but I never think of them in explicit terms. I won’t wear anything that’s really uncomfortable - it’s just not worth it to me. And I don’t think people look good when they wear things that they’re not physically or mentally comfortable wearing. You can always tell when the clothes are wearing the person. And I don’t wear heels unless absolutely necessary. I think I look better in flats than awkwardly limping around in heels. Plus I feel like heels are kind of an oppressive symbol. I’m probably being hypocritical here because I wear makeup and like nice clothes, but not wearing heels is my mini-rebellion. I wore sneakers to my high school graduation and thought that was very defiant at the time.

No jogging pants ever. No Crocs. No Birkenstocks. If it feels old as in gross-old (like a no-longer-very-white white shirt) throw it out immediately.

Leggings ! I love them but don't do it! I once read that French women never wear leggings. Enough said.

I prefer to avoid synthetic fabric and I never wear yellow.

Isn't this asking the same thing as the previous question.

I love most of my pieces to have “one dumb thing” about them, which is my way of referring to any extraneous design/ décor. I rarely buy anything plain- it has to have some wacky shoulder pads or sequins or something. I like the challenge of making it work. Come to think of it, I don’t know where a lot of my basics come from… gifts and hand-me-downs, I think. I’m very bad at buying ‘basics’

I sometimes like to reverse the usual axiom to look in the mirror and take off one accessory, by putting on one more accessory before I leave the house.

I read something in a fashion magazine that kind of worked for awhile, something like “Always wear a neutral, always wear something shiny or metallic, always wear something red, always wear something black." And when I actually follow this “rule” in general I feel put together. I don’t know that I really want to convey that to other women, but it was advice that somehow worked for me, and balanced out my clothes. Like that Coco Chanel, “Always take off one thing before leaving the house” advice never works for me- because I always have WAY to much shit on to make taking one thing off make much of a difference.

And then there is a part of me that says don’t buy into it! Just say NO. Say NO to unpaid labor of social and sexual capitol that you have to purchase at a store! Feminism and revolution will only happen when we reject our place in the superstructure of capitalist society.

I cannot bear words on clothing, unless the words themselves are some kind of conceptual statement and then only very rarely. Otherwise I feel like a walking advertisement.

I am unafraid of matching. Monochromatic outfits, color blocking and pairing stripes with stripes are a YES.

I am generally cranky about fabric blends. Clothes that list more than one fiber are undesirable. Blends with three or more different materials, totally unwearable. Too many fiber types seems like a sad statement of late-stage capitalism - like, "We had some surplus angora, nylon and elastane lying around so we threw in 5% of each with your wool sweater. Hope you like it!"

A bra isn't necessary when the fabric is thick enough. Short dresses should be worn with shorts underneath (this is mostly because I don't trust myself to be aware of how I'm sitting).

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