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6. What are some rules about dressing you follow, but you wouldn’t necessarily recommend to others?

black is appropriate for each situation

Dress should b attractive and comfortable not uncomfortable n sombre

I dress for comfort and style. I make jewelry that surprises. I don't makeup my face every day but always wear earrings.

Wear as many patterns as possible. I say this because...well, it’s a very gingerly process. Choosing appropriate patterns to pair together into wearable outfits, that is. You’ve got to have an eye for it, I think it’s something I’ve taught myself how to do it successfully over the last couple years. I’ll even ask my roommate Emily, I’ll be like, “Hey...does this go with this?” Gotta get that outside insight, that second pair of eyes ya know.

Now a days I dress for comfort. I feel it always the best look for going out in public.

Nothing matchy matchy. But close.
Interesting jewellery goes with classic or more plain items, and often creates talking points... and draws attention away from 'problem areas'.
Sometimes I like the way I feel in a garment, more than the way I look in the garment. I'm starting to try and wear those clothes (in a bid to wear things that I feel confident in) more often.
I never iron anything until immediately before I wear it. Can't stand an ironing fest.
Typically always iron everything, but probably not that well.

Again, a lot of rules about dressing.
I'm looking for a uniform - ideally the same for home and work, but that's not possible at the moment.

Home - blues and browns, dungarees, long cashmere dresses, Rick Owen jackets. Flat boots and shoes.

Work - black and cream and taupe. Long jackets (more like unlined coats). Scarves to protect the neck of the jacket (and stop it staining and smelling). Flat shoes and boots. Expensive handbag. Not an 'it' one, but under the radar. Stealth 'it' for the cognoscenti. I am a snob about some things.

I can't resist the occasional boho breakout. I've moved to deep in the English countryside where the second hand and vintage shops are amazing (inexplicable) and I've found a fantastic tailor. I can go mad and different at very little cost. Recommend highly.

the same as quetion 5.

Always dress for comfort

Dress what you like no matter the weather.

Sometimes just wear whatever the heck you feel like--even if it is sneakers. (I would say this to others though...)

I don't wear anything drop-waisted.

White bras under white shirts. Black every other time. That's about it.

I can't dress up unless my hair looks perfect and I have full make up on.

Never wear polyester: it makes you sweat and feels icky.

I realized that if I wear lower-cut shirts/blouses, it draws attention away from my stomach and is much more flattering. Everyone has a different body type and comfort level, so I wouldn't say that showing a bit of cleavage is a blanket statement of fashion advice! But it works for me.

the only ones I can think of would be relating to my particular body type.

I will never wear uncomfortable shoes to just achieve a look. But I see other women wearing the cutest shoes and even though the shoes look like they would cause pain I think "more power to her if she can stand them".

Never go out without your rings on.

Wear jewel tone colours when possible. Find a red lipstick with blue undertones. Wear thong underwear for the well rounded bottom look in jeans and in dresses. Wear a bra with a "up and together" push-up quality. No material only bras, must avoid the "headlights" look. Use your fingertips to apply eyeshadow for a good blend.

More fabric, more better. Let it flow. Make sure you can run. You are a better person if your feet don't hurt. All black almost all the time.

I always like to wear makeup.

Wear large pants

if you think it looks good, then it looks good.

high heals and the same colors for a better silhouette

I don't really recommend styles to others, to me it's personal

The only jeans are skinny jeans, no predistressed clothing, balance proportions on top and bottom, try to avoid monochromatic outfits (unless it's black or white), rotate your shoes, no high heels on a daily basis (um, ouch), sneakers are only okay on the weekend, dresses and woolen tights are always a win, and the button down shirt is your best friend. Accessorizing is a losing game, simplicity is best.

Wool underpants from Ramblers Way. Very granny. I keep that to myself. They're awesome.

patterns and combinations. There is a thin line to look good or bad on certain fabrics, and patterns patterns. Study your body

On a normal day i dress depending on the weather

I like to dress in one color from top to toe

underwear should make me feel good and fit well.. the looks are not so important

Well ones that suit my body. I follow those vague rules but obviously I wouldn't recommend them to someone with a different body shape or style. I like high necks, no v necks or low scoops. I like skivvys or off the shoulder. Short short skirts or below the knee, not in between. I like hot pants and catsuits

do not read and believe the "which body type are you and what is the best style for you" articles.

I love colors and I match them the way it fits to me but maybe it won't be something for everyone. I love wearing eye-catching earrings but if you're not that kind of person maybe it is nothing for you. I never wear high heels 'cause it is just nothing for me but it looks good on others.

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