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71. What’s the first “investment” item you bought? Do you still own or wear it?

No idea what an 'investment' item is

Patagonia jumper. Yes

Pair of leather Frye engineer boots. Still have them. Great investment. Got them re-soled. I'll probably have these boots for life, they were worth it. They look better every year.

Yes..leather coat

Stiletto ankle boots, but I do not wear them.

i wear my jacket.

I don't have precious items lik that.

A mink coat,

Cotton shirts, they are a must.

Leather bag

A wrap silk skirt for 90 dollars. I wore it all the time this summer.

that rick owens dress, probably. it's black and minimal. i can still resell it at any time.

I bought expensive Italian knee-height 'riding style' boots when I finished school - over 20 years ago. They were incredibly expensive at the time, but i still have them! I've resoled them several times, and since they are a classic they don't look out of style.

I haven't really considered clothes in this way. But I do own some expensive pieces that I take good care of and preserve so that I can continue wearing them in the future.

My current coat. Yes
Also my swimsuit, it's made of recycled ocean plastic and costs a lot

Yes my beautiful shoe

I bought a pair of Gap jeans when I was 18 years old. Dark wash, straight leg, mid-rise. They were either $60 or $70, and it was by far the most expensive piece of clothing I'd ever purchased because I was raised very poor.
I don't own them and I don't really know what happened to them. I think I actually wore them all the way out.

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