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71. What’s the first “investment” item you bought? Do you still own or wear it?

Honestly, I haven't really reached that point of investing into an item of clothing. I'm sure that will happen soon....

With my first paycheck after college, I bought a leather clutch with studs on it that I thought was just what I needed in my life. I was certain that from that moment on, I no longer needed a big purse to carry everything around with me, because obviously adults never carry anything with them. It was expensive and broke within the first week. I got it fixed. That seemed like the responsible thing to do, and yes, I still wear it for special, lipstick-carrying-only occasions.

Maria Cornejo silk dress, yes

My first investment item was a pair of 280 dollar sandals. It was the first thing I bought when I moved to new York – the weather was terribly hot, and they were Italian dark leather with a button for the ankle strap. I loved them and wore them religiously – I even got them re-soled. However – I lost them in my move to California.

A leather jacket while traveling with my dad in Paris in high school. I do not still own it, and now regret it immensely.

A white shirt by a German designer and yes.

A pair of Vasque hiking boots. So unglamorous. I bought them when I was twenty. I still own them. I rarely wear them. I usually hike in sneakers because the boots are so cumbersome and stiff. They are useful for snowshoeing because they are waterproof.

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