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71. What’s the first “investment” item you bought? Do you still own or wear it?

A pair of yellow midform vans. 65 dollars seemed like a lot to pay for shoes at fourteen years old.

I bought a very expensive pinstripe suit. I never wore it, it was such a waste of money.

It was my gold. Yes I have.

That velvet floor-length Victorian dress. Yes I still wear it.

I no longer fit it, but it was a suit, and it's gone.
I also donated my wedding dress to a prom dress charity for teens.
I'd still have those wingtips if my feet hadn't grown with pregnancies. Nobody warns you about that. Don't get too attached to those shoes.

Haven't bought it (yet?).

I bought myself a Louis Vuitton handbag three years ago and I still have it and use it everyday.

A YSL mobasa bag in dark brown from Tom Ford's last collection. I still own it and carry it often.

the italian handbag and yes, i love it and use it for special occasions

leather jacket. from my first really earned money in theatre.

A good winter coat. Also invaluable. It has fur on the hood that's kind of extra but I've learned to embrace how glamorous it is for the every day.

The first investment item I bought was a black winter wool coat. My Mum actually bought it for me. She bought it for me when I moved to Christchurch for University. I still have it - it's a duffel coat with a hood, but I never wear it anymore. It doesn't really fit me properly any more, but it's been hard to part with it because it's significant in that it's the first investment piece I really owned, and reminds me of starting a new life in a new city that has been my home for nearly seven years now.

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