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71. What’s the first “investment” item you bought? Do you still own or wear it?

Haven't bought it (yet?).

I bought myself a Louis Vuitton handbag three years ago and I still have it and use it everyday.

A YSL mobasa bag in dark brown from Tom Ford's last collection. I still own it and carry it often.

the italian handbag and yes, i love it and use it for special occasions

leather jacket. from my first really earned money in theatre.

A good winter coat. Also invaluable. It has fur on the hood that's kind of extra but I've learned to embrace how glamorous it is for the every day.

The first investment item I bought was a black winter wool coat. My Mum actually bought it for me. She bought it for me when I moved to Christchurch for University. I still have it - it's a duffel coat with a hood, but I never wear it anymore. It doesn't really fit me properly any more, but it's been hard to part with it because it's significant in that it's the first investment piece I really owned, and reminds me of starting a new life in a new city that has been my home for nearly seven years now.

I still keep my first "grown-up girl" skirt from back when I was still fits but it's really ugly now ahahah.

My rose and skull dress, and of course, it's my special occasion and show dress. I'm wearing it tomorrow to go meet a guy :)

Gucci slip on kitten heels for my twin sister's wedding. I no longer own them, but got a lot of wear out of them afterwards.

I used my first paycheck ever to by a turquoise leather Michael Kors handbag with silver hardwear and big silver leather stitching. I was like, 14. It's still in my closet at home. I don't use it, because it is wildly impractical for my life- it doesn't fit over my shoulder, so I'd have to carry it by hand, which I hate, it doesn't have a zip-top, so stuff can fall out, it is so delicate in color and texture I'd be scared to use it in my urban life.

a winter coat which I still wear

A navy Max Mara coat, I bought it 24 years ago and still wear it.

A wind-breaker coat! I didn't have a proper coat for winter when i had moved to a northern city and it was a great investment i wear it everyday when the weather is cold, snowy or rainy! But it start to show sign of time and it lost his impermeability...

I once bought two expensive coats in one day but I love them both and still wear them every winter 4 years on.

My first investment buy was 7 years ago. I bought a red crossbody bag from Whyred. I was weaved leather and i still have it and wear it.

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