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8. Do you have a unified way of approaching your life, work, relationships, finances, chores, etc.? please explain.

Go with your gut. I experience a pretty strong directional pull toward the results in the decisions I make. I consider that pull my “gut feeling”. I’ve learned to follow that feeling, and it has rarely failed me, if ever.

You can make all the lists of pros and cons in the world. You can understand the logical repercussions of choices—but at the end of the day, I think your body and brain typically know what they want. I usually listen to them.

If the clothes I wear don't give me confidence then I failed to do everything well in WORK, RELATIONSHIPS, FINANCES, CHORES, ETC.

I get it done but it is chaotic

Lead with kindness and a sense of humor.

Minimalism. Freedom. Non-attachment. Basically, I try to keep things as simple and efficient as I can. No debt if I can help it. Less material things, the highest quality I can afford. The more stuff you have, the more time and money you have to spend on maintenance. I want to be as free as possible. I try not to accumulate unnecessary things, people, and situations.

Plan, plan, plan and plan some more. Have to-do lists for everything and keep your schedule tight and filled up.

Live life, be kind, dont betray yourself or your friends, dont spend 50 dollars on a t-shirt when you can get the same shirt for 20..I dont care whos name is on the label

I try to be organized, not have excessive consumption, get stuff secondhand, save over spend, etc.

It's more of a "let's see where this takes us" approach, so it all depends on how I'm feeling... perhaps a chaotic approach?

No - I wish!

i get other people to do chores for me and bring me places and assist me with my work at home.

Lately I try alot to be myself, I try to rebel in whatever I can, to express thoughts and feelings about everything(or nothing at all :) But overall I'm very comfort-driven, I like casual elegance.

if I feel good, I can make others feel good

Yes!!! I do what I want and like, and do not care anyobodies opinion on that.


Organized would be my buzz word.

live within your means
always save
go for quality over quantity

Balance and harmony. Take responsibility.

Conservative in most ways

get a job i don't think about when i'm at home. don't own too many things. try to create something sometimes. simplify.

carefully-selected aesthetics and environment can at least help me feel my depression means something.

I feel like I'm a maximalist minimalist, with lots of contradictions! One the one hand I love the minimalist life/aesthetic, but on the other a cluttered cozy english study/library feel, reflecting years of collecting interesting stuff. That applies to all facets of my life. I'm constantly on a search to simplify, but now have embraced the messier more 'interesting' part of me, and just go with it. It's ok to have a mix of both in your life, and make it your own, instead of fitting into a box.

Some of these areas are unified by relying on intuition but no, I don't have a structured approach overall.

I try to approach everything with joy, even though I am not consistent in the way I tackle any given task.

I try to be as positive, especially around the kids.

I value communication and appreciate an equal split of responsibility when warranted.

Yes, in the sense that I always listen to myself and what feels right. Cheesy but it has worked so far. I don't try to be someone I am not but still force myself to engage more with things I care about

I'm really good in relationships rather with a boy or girl

Not really.

Nope, I wish

Well. My 31st year has brought a lot of challenging lessons, and I've learned the value of slowing down and being more careful. I'm learning to stop burning the candle at both ends when it comes to relationships, work, and finances.

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