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8. Do you have a unified way of approaching your life, work, relationships, finances, chores, etc.? please explain.

I try to concentrate on things that I like, and not to stress too much about those others.

I have unified my approach to life through minimalism. I am trying to only keep the things in my life that make me feel good and bring me joy while also making tasks more simplistic and less time consuming.

Panic, leave it till the last minute and then drown under the pressure. It works.

Lists, lists, lists.

if I seem organizing and like I have my act together - it is only by way of making and striking things off lists. And reflection - making time to look at how I am living vs how I want to live. This works for everything from how my kitchen is run to how my home looks, how I travel and how organized my bank accounts are.

To have how I live reflect the kind of person I want to be...

I have big goals broken into to-do lists and timelines to achieve them by. I also often take a step back from complicated situations when I can't figure anything out.

I want to learn and do anything and everything while I'm still young and not restrained by much. And I want to be funny.

In many ways my life feels un-unified. I have an incredibly happy relationship. I have a wonderful relationship with my family. I am highly organised when it comes to social occasions, managing our home and things like travel and cooking. I am hopeless at managing my finances. I tend to procrastinate when it comes to doing chores, and instead find myself having a once-a-fortnight blitz of the house. I am not particularly happy in my job at the moment - I like the work I am doing but I do not enjoy the team that I am working in and I don't like the management style of the people that I work for. I wish there was more harmony.

Positive vibes only. That is how I approach everything in my life.

Keep it simple.

I suppose I generally work hard at these things, and it's on a continuum: on one end it's a sense of duty and being responsible, and on the other end it's pure pleasure. I'm wavering in either direction constantly.

Always do your best! You'll never be wrong or sad if you take care of every aspect of your life with passion and hardwork.

I'm trying to simplify and do everything with purpose. Only wear clothes I like (even if they're simple), only make work I like etc. Trying to be focused and present in everything.

I go by my morals

Sort of, though I am constantly in transition. However, one thing remains the same: I am organized and fastidious. If I want to plan something, I do it full-out -- maps, calendars, spreadsheets, whatever. I am what I would consider a confrontational person, in the sense that I am very proactive. I will often take charge of projects, pay my credit card early, and approach my boyfriend when I feel that something needs to be addressed. I have had eras where I was totally unable to make decisions or get in touch with my identity, but find that I am generally pretty certain of what I want. Aries pride!

Yes, I live with sustainability in mind in everything I do. I shop almost entirely consignment, in order to minimize my personal fashion footprint. If I buy something new, I make sure it's made fair trade, locally even, and is composed of organic fibers if possible. I care about how the fiber is grown and dyed and how the people who make the clothes are treated. There is so much waste in the textile industry that if I can make something last and last then I am doing my part to minimize further waste.

I also do not buy on sale since that sends the message to companies that their workers deserve even less. I care as much about the clothes I wear as I do the food I eat. Since I do not shop sale, I simply purchase fewer items, of higher quality.


Always think twice about what you are doing, but don't think too much about what other people think. Or at leats, this is what I'm trying to do.

I think so, a bit. I take things seriously and I engage in everything in quite a systematic way. Apart from that I like to have less of everything, but the things I have I want to last, I want them to be of good quality and I'll be loyal towards it/them.

I'm fairly systematic. I like to set up systems where I know I need to periodically check in with how things are going at given intervals, and give attention to things as needed in the interim.

For example, I sit down to do money stuff once per month, and get tracking reports periodically in between. Or I spend time talking to my partner every day, my parents a couple times a week, and my grandmother and best friend once per week. That kind of thing- cyclical and time-based; managing information flow and attention. You can't pay attention to everything all the time.

I'm struggling to handle adulthood, that's all I can say

Enjoy it.

I view life as adventure, but I prepare for the worst. I like order and lists. I feel everything deeply and respond to everything viscerally. I attempt to live in the present. My approach to life is being sensitive, but direct. However, I have high expectations for myself and others. I value honesty very highly. I dig contradiction.

i dont think i have fully figured this out yet.

Trying to do it because it's right to do it? I never thought about that...

I’m quite organised and logical with most things but I don’t know if this is reflected in my clothes. I think I am definitely good at co-ordinating outfits and most items I own are interchangeable with lots of other garments which is probably quite a practical approach.

I have and still am suffering from deppression and anxiety. I try to take things easy and not worry about everything. I am currently on sick leave, and everyday things are a struggle.

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