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8. Do you have a unified way of approaching your life, work, relationships, finances, chores, etc.? please explain.

I wrote a book called ROY G. BIV: An Exceedingly Surprising Book About Color, so unsurprisingly I rock a lot more color than most people. (My husband calls me fashion sense “Sexy Clown”; I’m merely grateful he chose to include the qualifier “sexy” in there.) If I ever expend unusual amounts of effort in shopping for clothes or furniture or anything else, it’s usually in pursuit of colors that veer well away from the usual, “serviceable” colors. Like Anne of Green Gables, I hate “serviceable” colors everywhere they turn up their inoffensive little noses.

Love yourself with all your heart, then take that love and love others with it, the other things will fall naturally into place around that.

Definitely not, I am wholly disorganized. I think with my heart.

My life is a constant flow between creating and allowing. Performance and non-doing. Presenting and hiding.

I try to approach life (and everything that comes with it) as logically as possible and sometimes (when it calls for it) with wild abandon. I want to live and experience life to the fullest and in order to be able to do that the behind the scenes things have to be in order. Logic and art, freedom and expression, honesty and enthusiasm - that's the way I try to live.

My approach to life is wholly impractical. But I do like to find things that age well. Life is so ephemeral - I kid myself by trying to find things that age well. It's like my trick that keeps me from going bonkers.

Get it done!

Unified? Haha, no. That implies good organization! However, I do try to be kind and not immediately jump to my reactionary, contrary self.

I'd like to think 'no'. But come to think of it, there's a certain caution around finances (well, out of necessity; my partner is a painter). I've been with Tim for decades, so I guess that's not exactly stepping into a new relationship at the drop of a hat. And I do like a tidy house. Oh dear. I'm not liking how any of this sounds. However, in defense of my wild and crazy self, I did choose the life of a writer and to live my life with an artist. Tell me that's daring. Please.

With confidence. Finding logic and rationale and moving forward. Dealing with problems calmly – the freak out should be about what you had to do to get to the solution, not what you are GOING to have to do.

No. I am somewhat haphazard and when something works, it almost works best because of the haphazard nature. It also means that things like chores and finances don't work as well. Relationships work well because I'm good at loving and loyalty. work sometimes works well because following one's nose is helpful in creative enterprises.

I generally keep things pretty tidy – but i always like to have a messy silverware drawer. Chaos in pretty.

Kindness and simplicity. A work in progress.

I think I am very organized in general, I’m pretty sure I approach all these different areas in the same way.

I tend to want to style everything. I arrange objects in my home into vignettes- just like I would add and subtract articles of clothing and accessories on my body. Choosing dinner guests is also like styling.

I have three mottos: "Life is short," "Don't be a boring c*unt" (I love that word) and I can't remember the third one. I apply all three to everything in my life.

Take something away until you can't take anything else away. I apply that concept to fashion and every other aspect of my life.

Nope, I'd like to think I try to do my best and have the best, but I'm too scattered to apply that at all times.

Hmm. I’d say I approach life with…responsibility, creativity, empathy, neurosis, and humor. Yeah. My clothes probably reinforce that in some way.

Old things are preferable to new things. I like secrets, and wearing old clothes is like a secret - I'll never know the story of who bought them first time around. I get a lot of pleasure out of describing things - and dressing for me is a form of description, describing how I feel that day, or what version of my identity I'd like to be that day.

I would describe my life approach as integrated, intuitive, inventive, informed, honest, (overly?) analytical, complex, referential and theoretical. Also, I like improvising and breaking the rules.

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