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8. Do you have a unified way of approaching your life, work, relationships, finances, chores, etc.? please explain.

Loving, capricious, hard-working, empathetic, moody. So, not super unified. Unified mostly by aspiring to be better, and being more comfortable than most people (?) with the incomplete.

I see everything as positive, i feel openminded about life and i the best for people around me.

Not at all. Is this a terrible thing?

I try to apply my minimalist perspective to other areas of my life. I love black, I wear black, Im indifferent about receiving gifts from my partner and I try to be conservative in spending.

Artistic method.

I just jump in headfirst. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Why waste time wondering if it will instead of trying? Finances are a different matter—those have a couple more rules to follow, of course.

No way.

Yes. Over analyzing.

I pray for the day I can answer "yes" to all of the above.

put in the work and be optimistic about it. I never follow through with this most of the time as I get bored quite easily

I hate to half-ass anything. I like to do everything I do well (by my standards, which are pretty high) and when I don't, I get very upset.


I start thinking about my budget and follow the price rate which I can handle in paying my expenses.

My guiding principles are: Mind your own business; keep you mind stimulated but not cluttered with minutia; keep a daily calendar; NEVER worry; know that the only thing you can control is yourself (and then only sometimes); don't try to change anyone else; know that you can't be good at everything so when you fail, learn from the experience & move on; know when to shut up; meditate daily; only work in environments that suit you; change your career when you get bored with the one you have; always keep learning.

Take one day and a time and enjoy life and do what I can every day.

Not really, I just go for it as it comes at me.

no it does not really matter as i like to enjoy every thing .....not the way others tell me to, it is more of the "my way" kind.

i'm trying to be more relaxed and more able to trust myself. it's actually working.

my, sort of, life motto is along the lines of "no one cares, just work harder". I'm certain this doesn't apply in all situations, but is how i approach things in day to day life like work, chores, working out etc.

Yes. Just follow my heart. lol

I try to concentrate on things that I like, and not to stress too much about those others.

I have unified my approach to life through minimalism. I am trying to only keep the things in my life that make me feel good and bring me joy while also making tasks more simplistic and less time consuming.

Panic, leave it till the last minute and then drown under the pressure. It works.

Lists, lists, lists.

if I seem organizing and like I have my act together - it is only by way of making and striking things off lists. And reflection - making time to look at how I am living vs how I want to live. This works for everything from how my kitchen is run to how my home looks, how I travel and how organized my bank accounts are.

To have how I live reflect the kind of person I want to be...

I have big goals broken into to-do lists and timelines to achieve them by. I also often take a step back from complicated situations when I can't figure anything out.

I want to learn and do anything and everything while I'm still young and not restrained by much. And I want to be funny.

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