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8. Do you have a unified way of approaching your life, work, relationships, finances, chores, etc.? please explain.

I try to look at everything I encounter from all possible angles and get all information I can get before I take any decision

I have to feel well with it.. and should´t hurt others

try not to hurt anyone and anything on this planet

No. I'm all over the place.

What? Haha, no I don't think so. I just try not to freak out, and I try to do my best, make my best better. Just relax, y'know, and give em hell.

Not really.

I try to make a plan before I do whatever. This helps me organize my time and my duties not only at my studying but in my personal life too. Even though a plan is not always o good idea , especially when it comes to relationships , it helps me face my daily routine calmly.

I am a Point A to Point B kind of person. I do not like to leave anything half finished. I enjoy the feeling of completion that comes from follow through and being thorough. I like things to add up, I am not comfortable with messy.

beauty + functionality = simple and fulfilling.

Comfort, comfort, comfort. I also don't like to change clothes during the day, so clothes and shoes that go anywhere

I do the things I dread the most early in the morning, so I have the rest of the day free from any nervous moments

Not really.

Actually, I am a disorganized person! Haha. But one thing's unified to my way is my motivational approach to my own behavior. I failed often and with the world who's not really kind, and people who's judgmental I really need to lift my self up. Specially when I feel so down and I can really tell that I'm near to depression, I motivate myself, I force my self to accept the facts and reality of life.

UGH NO. I am the worst.

Not at all..

I tell myself to calm down and be happy. Honestly if I'm happy I'll be willing to do everything. Sometimes I would hate to do chores or I would have an argument with somebody but is I'm honestly happy it makes life easier. I also sometimes don't listen to my brain and conscience. Sometimes they'll say "you know you hate her," and "you know you want those shoes," but I've learnt it sometimes best to forget those thoughts.

I try to be daring and open. I try to be as honest as possible. I try not to get in a ditch. Of course, I constantly fail at all of these things. I have anxious tendencies, so it's not my nature to let things roll off my back. Instead I pay attention when there's something I want and work to get it. I still procrastinate, but the intention is usually enough to carry me through any dark patch. Talking to people is another important thing. I want to build strong relationships, so I care about how honest I am.

sadly at this point it's largely utility. with a few scarves as accessories.

I feel I have to be self-disciplined and sensible and in control at all times - paying bills on time, being punctual and reliable, looking after my possessions.

I work with dedication and mutual respect in all fields. If i don't want to do something, I dont.

Be organised and do everything with a positive attitude

not at all... I am different in different situations and moments...

Delayed gratification. I get the worst, hardest part out of the way first, and I save the fun for later. I knock out my chores quickly so I can relax. I finished undergrad in three years so I could straight to grad school in the fourth year. I didn't have any significant others until after grad school. I have chosen hard jobs (the Peace Corps, foster parenting) as my first jobs post-school to see how I do in them, and now I will go to less-taxing jobs.

Somethings are different than others. Some things I am really motivated about and others not so much.

A unified way of approaching my life? I tend to break down as much of it as possible into modules that I can manage, in all of these categories. So yes, I compartmentalize. At the same time, where people are concerned I have no problem bringing friends and family together in the same place.

Unified. Hmm. I seek harmony. I seek vibrational resonance. I seek to communicate on a sub-human level by using vibrational colours; telling mini-privatge stories with talismans, rebelling by wearing old rotten underwear (trying to get over that one).

No, not unified. I'm too chaotic a person. But I do have very strong and grounded life philosophies. I try to be mindful, gentle and kind in all that I do. I don't always succeed, but it's important for me that the beauty that I try to create is not in conflict with what is best for the people and the environment around me.

Spirit. More and More it is from this

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