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8. Do you have a unified way of approaching your life, work, relationships, finances, chores, etc.? please explain.

Do it my way. Peace. Lack of stress. Give value to people and things that count.

Recently I had a measly (and luckily) one week where I was unemployed. During this week I did some major soul searching because I was recently without a job, and without a boyfriend (someone I really cared about), and this was not how 2015 had started .I felt like it was just one big downward spiral. So I stopped worrying about the bad and focused on the good. I cleaned EVERYTHING I owned, donated a lot of clothing and shoes, got a massage and really thought about what would make me happy. I am sure that attitude translated into my actions when I interviewed for my current, amazing, job. And that new lease on life helped me work things out with my, now, boyfriend (yes, same fellow).

I tried to think positive and act relatively

Follow where your interests take you, but don't create messes for others as you go.

I'm pretty scattered so not unified per se, but I try to approach things with heart and love. I have some anxiety issues so I'm often talking myself down from a run-away imagination. I sometimes don't use sound logic when making decisions--just go with the solution that 'feels right'.

I try to approach everything with lightness; mainly intended in a weight kind of way. Everything can be heavy and serious, or it can be fun and light, depends on your approach.
I also believe - fervently - that what happends in life is a very unspecific and unscientific kind of destiny. No need to overthink things, what works out will be the thing that was *supposed* to happen. Helps take the sting out of decisions and stressful moments!

I try to keep meaning in what I do, it gives me a sense of purpose. Even the mundane things have a point, so remembering that usually keeps me motivated. That being said, there are times you just need to 'stuff it all' & switch off for awhile

Nope: I'll get too attached to process instead of result. Courtesy and competency are requirements, but the how is not.

Absolutely not. I am extremely focused at work, and totally not at home.

I always try to keep my independence, no matter how complicated the relationship with my employer, boyfriend or family might be.
To keep my own personal space is always going to be the only thing that is never going to change.

Panic, procrastination, always behind schedule, never enough money.

I don't think so

Simplify everything - life's too short. I'd rather read a book than worry about most of these things.


Surviving, balancing the needs of myself, my daughter, my husband, and my career. Try to enjoy things and not get too stressed out. Be kind to myself.

Not really right now. I'm 25 and everything feels really confusing. I guess the one thread that runs through everything is just to keep trying, keep going. Everything else I've been through that's been hard and confusing, with time, has become more clear. So I'm just trying to keep my chin up and everything that feels uncertain or overwhelming, I'm either trying to find a good system for, redefine an old system for, try new ways of approaching, or, at the very least, realize what's not working and make a note of it. Right now, it feels like a lot of things, but I think I'm slowly working toward a little more simplicity, a little less worrying, a little more acceptance, and finding my sense of humor about life instead of feeling like everything is so serious all of the time.

I am an introvert and researcher. I approach all of life from those two stand points. I research nearly all decisions so that I can understand the subject fully before making a decision.

Not really. I'm pretty laid back.

I struggle to accept my own (very slow) pace

i like it simple.

I have a different approach to all the above. I have more of a 'go-with-the-flow' attitude towards relationships. For work, finances and chores; its all just sort of an organised mess

I try to be organized, sensible and prepared for everything. I keep a first aid kit with me at all times, I have a very exacting budget for my household, I menu plan and keep lists and I try to make my partner talk through all contingencies. I have a lot of anxiety, so sometimes I feel like my method of approaching life is just a way of dealing with anxiety.

I try to live in a streamlined, unfussy way with a shot of danger. I guess that speaks to my personal, professional and life style.


I have a hard time balancing these different facets of my life. It does not feel unified.

I research everything. I search for quality and I work hard. Less is more.

Try to happy and positive at the start of the day cause it will carry through your whole day and make your day much better

Whatever makes me feel good about myself.

Restrained with flashes of color/surprise/sponteneaity/splurges. Mostly practical with bits of flair for fun. This seems to be a rule I follow in just about every arena.

no. i wish i could explain this.

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