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8. Do you have a unified way of approaching your life, work, relationships, finances, chores, etc.? please explain.

Oh man, no. I'm basically a shambles as a person. I say that and people think I'm being down on myself but I think it's an endearing thing to be.

Curiosity, honesty, confidence, perseverance and courage all together make strength.

Plan but don't plan too much.

Yes, I start with a "clean slate"..I don't work well in chaos.I set time aside to focus on the task,in a calm setting.
I always have better outcomes,when I can let ideas percolate..I like to imagine,research,draw different scenarios for projects.
I try to be diligent ,organized with billing and paying in finances...less stressful in the end.
I strive hard to balance family and work,which is why it has taken years to slowly establish my own business.

Organized chaos. I don't keep a planner, but instead make and remake lists in my sketchbook. I always know where things in my room are, even though its a mess. Lots of contradictions.

I'm not happy about it, but I do have sort of an all-in or else oy-vey approach to things. I have phases of having shit very much together, clean, ordered to an almost obsessive degree, then it slowly falls apart and things get a little feral and I start over.

I think I am too young to understand these connections completely. But I think I can make partial connections.

I work full-time at a butcher's shop. During the five days I work, I feel ugly, and I am okay with feeling very ugly because I know that I am usually not-so-ugly. On my two days off, I dress well and do laundry/chores, which makes me feel good and that I am taking care of myself. I think it allows me to feel okay with the parts of myself that feel ugly to me.

I like everything to be perfect. Everything, whether it be school, work, relationships, life, I like order, and perfection is order -- unrealistic order, but I believe in doing things right or not at all.

I believe in serendipity and organic processes.

Yes I make a schedule for everything. I am a full time student so school comes first but I plan other things around it.

No. I'm afraid I am still experimenting.

I would like to think not, but probably there are some recurring patterns. It is always messy and it may take some time, but at the end of the day the deed is done, I work at my own pace. I also give 100% if I am passionate about the subject.

I'm so wrapped up in anxiety so not really. I'm not kind to myself but I do my best to be kind to others- coz they're probably going through similar things to me anyway.

Thinking about the bigger picture. Honoring myself and my talents and my feelings each day as they come.

Optimistic. Basic thought: things will work out in the end. They always seem to.

No. Maybe I should.

I try to be as organized as possible, but I think I also like a little clutter in my life. I've heard of famous writers from the past keeping messy desks or very neat and tidy ones. I think that my unified approach is a balancing act between the two. For instance, it's been said, that you can tell a lot about a person by their sock drawer...I really get annoyed when people clean my things...I try to see the good in it, and stay positive around them, but, seriously, I like to make things messy, so I can clean them up after, otherwise, it would be way too much work, right.

it really depends on what.

Simply as much as i can as i get older...note I have a bedroom for a closet

At first it gave me great pleasure ... Not as much anymore

I wish.

I suppose in many ways I do! I'm extremely organized and regimented in all areas. I am also a visual person. Everything must be appealing and balanced and colorful, in all areas of my life. I am frugal to a fault, yet everything in my living space and everything I put on my body must be somewhat beautiful.

Maybe what unifies my approach to life is that in all areas I have absolutely no patience for things I find boring. That sounds very Katherine Hepburn but I'm not trying to be dramatic, it's really true! My approach to work and finances and chores is incredibly lazy and cold. I've never tried very hard to get a good job... And I usually quit after a year when it has become unbearable. (By 'work' I mean the thing I do to make money, not my art.) I approach relationships in a way that is warm and ... always with the hope for love, that we will love each other. I am very romantic and giving when I find someone I love, and passionate. But if I dont feel a connection, its hard for me to be warm and I am easily exhausted. Maybe my approach to art is not different -- I have no idea, no grand plan, I can't do it at all. But when I know what to do (which is so rare) I work very steadily and happily and for hours and hours, for weeks, like when I find a new friend.


not really, I take life one step at a time and kinda just see where things lead me.

I usually shop once or twice a year and prepared to spend on good items but also buy cheap t shirts and cotton 3/4 pants to throw away at end of season.

The purpose of my life is to expand beauty and community in the world through the Arts. When I say Arts I mean it really inclusively; cooking a good dinner is art, so is tending a garden, drawing, dressing, setting the table, designing the layout of an invoice, reading a story to my toddler etc etc

This is the way I approach my life.

Not really. I tend to throw myself into each area at full speed, often too impulsive, but figure that at least this way I get started and mostly make things better than they were before.

Unified? No. I approach chores with a 'get it done now and get it done quick' philosophy. Life and relationships need time and to be nurtured and enjoyed. Work and finances are something I have to deal with but don't put too much emphasis on them

Planning. Nothing is ever chucked on. I plan what I wear the night before, or put together something I know works on the spur of the moment. In my life I write tons of lists and tick everything off as I go along. Planning and organisation goes into everything I do, and that includes clothing, hair and makeup.

And then I have compulsive and decadent splurges - fancy wine on a work night, buying distinctive earrings in my lunch break, cutting my hair off on a whim.

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