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3. What are some other things you admire about how other women present themselves?

That they are non-conforming, and don't try to hard.

Women who are having fun with their style really inspires me. I am talking about women who you can absolutely tell planned their outfit and are having a blast walking around in the street.

I love when a woman looks effortlessly put together. It’s probably a very cliché way to describe it, but I just love when a woman looks like she’s not really trying – when she just looks cool. I love women who can marry classic pieces with trend pieces and women who walk with confidence. I’ll sometimes see a woman and just think, “Yup. I love what you’re doing. I love all of this.”

I admire any woman who uses her physical body as a way to present her aesthetic preferences and to express herself artistically, even if the way she presents herself is vastly different from the way I choose to present myself. I think just the willingness to express yourself creatively on your body, which is something you can't hide the way you can hide other forms of artistic expression, is worthy of admiration. Whether she presents her personal image using clothes, makeup, tattoos or piercings (the list goes on), the admirable quality, for me, is when she is willing to express something that is pleasing to her specifically, without taking into account what may be pleasing to others. There is nothing more impressive to me than when a person, but specifically when a woman, is so certain of their own aesthetic preferences that they are able to not take fashion trends into account.

I'm envious of women who are consistent, simple, and chic, since I favour change and boldness. I admire women who keep some things about themselves secret from others.

I like women who are dressed with confidence, often with clear strong colours and definite lines. The great journalist Caitlin Moran hands out cards saying something like “I love your look.” I just say loudly, “I love your dress.” “I love that ring.” It’s not true that when a woman looks you up and down she’s being sneering. That woman is admiring you. She wants to steal your look. Go ahead, steal my look. You have my blessing.

mox·ie /ˈmäksē/
force of character, determination, or nerve.

To me moxie is key.

Confidence. Chutzpah. I really admire women who look interesting on a daily basis, probably because that’s something I only achieve sporadically. I love when women pull off a strange item and work it. I also love retro elements, as I am eternally nostalgic for pasts in which I’ve never lived (or, in reality, never wanted to live in as a woman).

I admire women who takes risks with their style choices - bright colours, interesting proportions, statement accessories, etc. and who appear confident about their choices. You can tell when someone feels ill at ease in what they are wearing. I love seeing women wearing hats (and I don't mean winter toques).

I am not the skinniest person. I can't be bothered to do anything about it since I've been the way I am for almost forever - however, I wish I would:
1. Dress a bit more appropriately for my body shape. I might do already but I have doubts.
2. Not care so much about it and wear what I want.
I admire women who can do that all the time. They look just good, they don't try hard, they just look happy with how things are. They don't even seem to care about being happy with how things are - they just are.

With a sincere smile

Fearlessness. I love women who dress unapologetically for themselves. They know they look great and they really couldn’t care less if anyone agrees with them or not. As far as something more tangible to admire? Color, big bold color, whether it’s an entire Froot Loop inspired outfit, or all black everything with a bright lip. That and anything that would look at home in a 90s teen witch girl gang. Apparently, 90s teen witches are my thing now.

Standing out! I had a friend, Connie Rooke, who used to wear the most lovely materials – flowing beautiful clothes that whisked around her when she walked. Silks and sheers materials. Stunning colours and patterns. Every day she looked different. She always looked comfortable and stylish. I admire women who have a style. Their own style, not something copied from a magazine. I admire women willing to take risks with their clothing choices. Women whose look reflects their confidence.

I really admire women who can manage high heels, walk in them like they're nothing.

I admire how some women put so much thought and energy into picking clothes that suit them and are tailored to them. I wish I had the motivation to get my clothes fitted and adjusted -- I often hear it's the trick to making a piece of clothing go from good to great.

i admire women who have strong personalities, who speak up, who want to be heard, who want to have a conversation with me even though i am young, i love when i see women taking care of themselves, loving themselves because when you love yourself you can love the others too, women who do not have complexes with their body or their nose their small breast and who want to see that you can get rid of that idea of being flawless.

Poise, carriage, manner of speaking, true style—not one based on status symbols and simply manners.

I always like when a woman wears something that is slightly tailored, but still loose enough to move around in. It signals that she respects herself (as a man would) because she is allowing herself to be comfortable yet stylish. It gives an air of confidence. Like Katharine Hepburn, vs an Audrey Hepburn

Thin is good.

I admire women that look effortless in their style, like it is truly something that comes from a combination of outside inspiration and something innate in them.

I really love a good red lip and a well-done cat’s eye.
I also have a weird kind of affection for a very simple tomboyish style with a slight feminine edge (a la Kate Moss or Joanna Goddard, the blogger from Cup of Jo). You know, boat necks, solid color dresses with perfect detailing, simple Converse-like shoes, delicately plain yet on-trend jewelry. That’s not at all my style, but if I could make it work, I’d love that kind of effortless cool girl, Jean Seberg style.
I also love a really bold, very vintage style, like rockabilly girls or girls that will do a full victory roll or a full flip with a real vintage dress and shoes. I don’t feel comfortable enough in a 100% vintage look, but those who can pull it off, damn, I’m jealous.

I so admire the way French women wear scarves. I don’t know how they tie them. I’ve looked for videos on Youtube. I remain mystified.

A woman who 'carries' herself well draws my admiration

Self-confidence. When I see other women who look beautiful, I imagine that they are worry-free. I know they are not, but I still see it.

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