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3. What are some other things you admire about how other women present themselves?


I admire confident women, confident people, those who have clearly Dressed Creatively, those who speak boldly and with empathy, who have a unique perspective and engage it readily across conversations. Those who listen deeply. Great haircuts or hair styles - that one can verge into covetousness.

When they speak and act with a natural and confident look.

Good posture has always escaped me. Same with a willingness to show off shoulders.

I admire women that look comfortable in their clothes. As it the fabric was a natural extension of their bodies. This can have a lot more to do with the cultural significance of a garment rather than the physical cosy value.

I admire when women are kind and smile and don't look down when they walk. Women who don't seem anxious or mad to be there but calm and happy to be there, to be alive. But not like annoyingly happy to be there but simply just content to be there. I also admire when women look clean and like they care to be alive and put effort into what they wear while still sticking to their own personal style. That seems really effortless and beautiful to me.

I like the way they can be by themselves without the presence of others.

I like people who are interested in design and you can tell are thinking about the elements of their look.

I admire the women that walk into a room and command your attention. They have a sort a presence that nobody can ignore.

yes I am

I admire women in intellectual jobs, wearing clothes that don't highlight their intellect but complement it.

How they hold themselves.
How they walk.
How they dress.
How they look at other people walking on the street.

when women aren't afraid to wear bold makeup or long, blingy nails

I like when women are honest about who they are and about who other people are. That's not to say I dislike "posers" or "fakes." I also don't really like "calling people out." Sometimes we have to pretend to be who we want to be before we can become it. But people who are candid and even-minded are quite nice to be around.

an individual sense of style- with all the trends that are going on today, I think it's unique when a woman doesn't necessarily buy into them

I admire when women defend their beliefs. I admire when women don't try to fit into a conventional image.

how they arent insecure to wear what they want

I admire woman who are dedicated and work hard.

They represent their own unique personality, which nobody else can take away from them. They are strong and independent, and stand up for who they are.

First off, I notice a woman's posture. If she's walking tall, head up and makes eye contact, I find these things most admirable. If a woman speaks using poor grammar or comes across as controlling in tone of voice, I avoid ANY interaction with that person. hand-made jewe

Those that are strong and take a stand.

How other women present themselves as strong and confident.

confidence ,the way they communicate and conduct themselves .

i like confidence and an appreciation for good design.

I love that we have such a versatile range of styles - you see guys and except from the odd one or two they generally tend to dress very similarly to one another... girls on the other hand (perhaps through the marketing in the fashion industry) have such a colourful array of different styles. I love the comradery between women who share an appreciation for the others style, a quick smile on the tube as a form of a nod of approvement, or asking a stranger where she got her coat because it's gorgeous... it's lovely.

I'm always looking for role models for the next phase, and powerful people who don't worry about how the world perceive them are key to my future.

i admire women that present themselves however they deem fit. women that do what they want even when it isn't considered the 'norm'.

I admire confidence, which is what you really need to sell any look/outfit. You can tell who feels comfortable with themselves and who doesn't.

Confidence, I guess. I admire those who are comfortable with whatever they look like.

See previous question. I often wear clothes that are suitable for weather but not necessarily nice looking. So I admire people that look stylish every day, no matter the weather or situation.

I admire the determination in their eyes, the confidence they express and the way they seem so sure about themselves and how they want to live.

I admire the lengths that people go to in regards to make up and changing the way that their face suits on a daily basis. It takes some serious commitment.

Those things like discipline - clear hair, teeth, clean short nails, being groomed. Being presentable always is like good manners. Women who are confident in their own bodies, who seem truly accepting and comfortable of who they are.

they seem so much more stylish a lot of the time, but not always - I feel I do not know how to dress

being an influential individual though dressing and looking and acting (very) feminin (in the classical sense)

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