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3. What are some other things you admire about how other women present themselves?

How well they maintained themselves. Whether that is in the eyebrows, fragrance, hair, or nails.

I never notice how others present themselves

Clean, especially items that are older, clean cared for but not manicured, quality items that can be dressed up and down. Interesting jewellery without the need to change it every day.
Good hair
Colour coordinated outfits.
Moon rise kingdom meets eclectic, but not in a child like way. Mature Wes Anderson?

I admire when women have a distinct style, even when it bears no resemblance to my style. I like boldness, I like the sense of joy that it conveys. I like inventiveness - “how did she even know to pair that with that?”

I admire how a woman who is comfortable in her body moves.

I admire women who take risks, who mix patterns, who wear something unexpected, or women who have a signature look or clothing item. Women who are not afraid to be a little edgy and different, who don't look like everyone else. When I was a kid, I loved my grandmother's taste in shoes. I thought when I grow up, I want to be the lady with the killer shoes. I like when women smell amazing and their scent matches their style and personality, that's part of the presentation to me.

I respect woman who stay thin, and put maximum effort into looking their best. I respect those who have spent time putting their makeup on perfectly and have look after their nails and toes. I just despise sloppiness and laziness.

Again..women that dress like women..power suit can still be feminine and sexy.. why is the fashion industry making close Universal tired of looking at mens clothes in the women sections

I'm impressed and frankly mystified by how polished some people always manage to look. Their hair is always done, their nails look fresh, their clothes are stylish. How much work does that take?

I appreciate when someone looks comfortable/confident in what they're wearing.

I admire courage - do bold prints, neons, sequins etc. i also admire cohesion - it looks like thought went into their outfit

they wear pretty nails , make-up , jewelry , hair styles, watches , fancy clothing with cute sayings on them, they have blonde hair , hats , coats , stylish shoes and socks , purses with gold gems on it. they hand you lots of gifts like santa claus.

I like it when women are not afraid that they may be judged not following beauty standards, like doing nails, going to the hairdresser, wearing new, branded clothes... I like it when they feel good in their bodies so they encourage that you can be sexy just the way you are, this is what the world needs, not having to feel bad about not being thin, athletic, firm, unwrinkled, no gray hair etc.


make up.

When their clothes feel intentional and that they are comfortable in them. That they are telling a story about themselves that is authentic but also aspirational of who they want to be as women.

Impeccable hair and natural makeup. I also love my friends that are flamboyant in their attire and their makeup. It is their style! I guess I admire that they have a style!

confidence, boldness

With an aura of confidence and joy. They are happy to be in the room and they are looking forward to spend time with other people. Vibrant personalities with lots of laughter and energy.

The effort is admirable
Putting the effort in to look your best

looking polished and casual

i admire when it looks effortless. like they've been wearing the same clothes for 30 years and their outfits are art. i imagine the force of their personality is so strong that they can't help but be surrounded by clothes to match it.

I like when it doesn't look like it came straight out of a shop - i.e. purchased in one place head-to-toe. I like of you get a sense of history, and gradually collecting pieces. I admire it when someone looks like they know who they are, and they like themselves.

People who can smile at everyone and everything are very admirable. I look at someone who possesses a certain warmth and think about how I want to project that... but I usually have rbf.

Self-confidence is what I admire about other women the most. I as a women myself understand the low self-esteem and inner crisis that comes following our body issues. Despite all of that, women who embrace their own body regardless of their size, colour etc. and also teach the other women the art of embracing oneself is what I find really inspiring.
Other things that I admire about other women is them having enough strength to fight back/ defend themselves withing patriarchal communities. Also, the women who stand up for themselves when the society affronts them for looking different from a 'typical' woman image. All of them make me feel so much stronger.

Originality. Women who embrace what they were clearly born with and work with it.

Some other women are very confident and they stand up for themselves.

I can't walk in heels, they are out of the question for me. I admire women who can pull them off when they have to.

Their level of confidence

The way they are positive of themselves

The number of ways women find styles for their hair that would be considered formal.

Individuality in how each person dresses

When they walk with a little sass and a small smile. They do not seem to be trying so hard and beauty comes naturally to them.

I admire women who create personal style despite socioeconomic disadvantage. Working-class women who know which colors and silhouettes are flattering.

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