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1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

After leaving the nail salon every Friday about 8pm. It's almost a 3 hour appointment because of my 'signature' long acrylic nails and toenails lol. After I leave the salon I feel the most put together and ready to go have some weekend adventures looking hot AF. Usually my hair and makeup are on point too, after a little after-work touch-up.

In a great looking shoe..for women that is.. what happened? all the shoes look like Frankenstein shoes or made for men what happened to a sexy feminine shoe?

when i see myself naked in the mirror and admire my curves and shape!

under the blanket.

That very moment when I realize it's been a great day and I didn't spill something on myself.

When all my wiggly bits feel covered. When I have a glow from good living (exercise, good relationships) etc. when I have my makeup and hair done ... I went through a depression where it was next to impossible to brush my hair, put on makeup, wash my face. I felt very bad about myself and my appearance

shorts and a t-shirt

When I attract many guys.


20 years before

In the summer, on a weekend evening, with a fresh manicure, in a casual dress (these days knee or midi length), with a v-neck, red lipstick, sitting on a curb or stoop, laughing, after just getting off my bike, wearing heels.

My hair looks great, my makeup is on and I am dressed nicely even though it is casual attire.

when i feel strong and confident

When I have a lot of accessories on and form-fitting clothes. Some make-up.

Comfy clothes
Minimal makeup

wearing a loose top and yoga pants on a good hairday

when i feel strong, clean, and light. when my cheekbones are visible (which is usually when i wear black).

When I feel that what I am wearing reflects the essence who I 'truly am' - or maybe who I want to be.

When I'm doing something I love and I feel lit from within. Especially when I'm doing some form of outdoor sports or strength training and feel confident in my athleticism. I feel radiant when I build and use my muscles. Otherwise, it would be when I'm making art because I think the most beautiful thing we as humans can do is create.

When I have been regularly active for a long period of time, running, riding my bicycle, doing yoga, dancing.

When i have had time to get ready eg. brush hair, wash face

When I am in a small group, at a party or something, talking to people and making them laugh.

Wearing a dress, in the evening, with low lighting

When I'm wearing cute clothes

When I'm in an outfit I feel comfortable in.

When I feel confident in what I’m wearing

When I have been being healthy mentally and physically.

When I'm wearing a loud floral kimono and heeled clogs with nothing else. Hair piled high on my head with smudged black eyeliner and dark lipstick.

when I'm freshly showered and moisturised, my skin is clear and I'm well rested.

I feel at my most attractive when I do well, both physically and emotionally, when slept well, when I do not have any major preoccuptions or Things that make me worried, when I look into the Mirror and think: "I like that guy!"

when I'm inspired and full of joy

When my skin is clear, when I don't have any hair on unwanted places and when guys randomly stare/look up at me.

When I've just gotten ready for a night out and have somehow managed to ace my make-up.

1960’s in first pant suits
1970’s living/ buying clothes in France/Italy

when i have taken an hour on make up hair

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