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1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

when my energy is good- i'm feeling alive, connecting with people, in the moment, in myself, very upbeat and positive and natural.

When I spot strangers stealing glances at me (usually when I've made extra effort with my makeup or worn some new clothes)

When I feel in control of my life

when my lipstick matches my outfit

When I am wearing something hot that makes me feel confident and my boyfriend is looking at me with... those eyes.

When I'm in a boyish style. It's not like I wanna dress up boyishly. I just get more compliments in that case.

??? I scarsely think how I look... Maybe wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in.

When I am confidently being myself. Confidence tends to draw eyes, so generally the people paying attention make me feel most attractive..

When I'm fully made up, thinner, and I've taken some time on my appearance in an effort to look attractive.

When I've had a great workout and I feel cleansed and am shining. Also when I am in the arms of someone I love.

late afternoon

When I'm happy.

My eyebrows are waxed from the day earlier so all the redness is gone. I have foundation, black liquid liner, and a bold lip color on my face. Clumpless mascara. I am wearing heels and a short skirt and a top that is in a primary color that shows off my figure. My hair is simply styled but out of my face. People are excited when I enter a space. I am complimented by people I admire and have good conversation. When I laugh and make other people laugh.

I feel most attractive when I've been taking good care of myself. When I am well-hydrated, eating well, exercising, sleeping well, taking my medication, and bathing, I am on top of the world. Also I think I feel most attractive when my skin is clear and healthy.

Ausgeschlafen, having read a book, Masturbation,enough time die myself before i go out, preparing, Dressing up, going to an Event where it fits to dress as i live to.

With makeup on, a good bra, my hair up in a top bun, and wedge shoes.

I have really thick (bushy is probably the right word) eyebrows. They look great when they are professionally manicured, but my hair grows rather quickly, so they start to look unkempt very quickly. I feel my most attractive when I've had them professionally tidied. I should really do it myself, but I never feel as good after having tidied them myself.

When I am out on a date. I always put in the extra little effort and it lights up my night when he looks at me differently.

In a dress

When I like what I am wearing - and it usually happens when it is old, tried and tested clothes and shoes.

When I'm healthy, well-rested and freshly showered. Preferably with a great haircut.

Every moment. Of course,I'm a mess like everyone when I wake up and at the end of a looong day but I love myself and I love to take care of myself so there's no need to be too critic

When my skin is clear and I'm a little drunk and I'm wearing matching underwear and have put some thought into my outfit.

with cute clothes

When I'm happy

I feel my most attractive when something fits me well, moves in an elegant way, and is made of a nice (long-lasting, upscale, carefully constructed) fabric.

In the morning, in my weekend clothes, my favorite fedora on my head and a pair of binoculars (for bird watching) in my hands. And red lipstick. No other makeup.

After I've had sex with my boyfriend.

When I dress comfortable.
When I put my make up on.
When someone (especially my man or my friends) compliments me.
When I dance to a catchy song. (on my own.)

When physicly fit, mentally stable, and dressed in something of a good fabric. Something that fits, and is only prominent in that it is of good quality, not because it is flashy or colourful or revealing. When it comes to style, I would say ''French''.
Wearing flat shoes.

when i catch myself off-guard in the mirror and think, damn! I look good! in that split second moment before self-judgment kicks in.

When I'm laughing, singing or just listening to music

When wearing all black

In a certain light, in a funny mood, when my outfit brings me joy.

In the morning after I put effort into getting dressed and looking nice.

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