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1. When do you feel at your most attractive?

In the morning after I put effort into getting dressed and looking nice.

When I am well-rested. When I'm well-dressed. When I'm wearing black. When I'm bra-less. When I'm naked. When I'm telling a joke or laughing at someone else's. When I'm dancing.

When I have make-up on,my hair done and a nice outfit on.

when i have my makeup and hair done nice, and when im in an outfit that is flattering

When i feel very good, that i care about anything else but the happiness i feel at the moment.

In tights up to my waist (they cover up my fat bits) and lacy pants. And when I’ve washed my hair. And had enough sleep.

When i feel like i look good. Not in sweats, but not in ball gowns either. Something comfy like jeans and a cashmere sweater or silk shirt.

When I am wearing clothes that I have carefully chosen myself (not necessarily expensive clothes.) It is important for me that I do not own the same items as everyone else though.
I feel best in clothes that I know are interesting and that I am comfortable in. Often when items are new I will feel more excited to wear them.

I will the most attractive when I'm wearing my best outfits.

When I feel skinny

I feel most attractive when I'm with people I can carefree with.

After having sex, alone or with someone else.

When I'm dressed nicely and my hair and makeup look nice as well.

When my stomach is flat and my hair is straightened and my outfit shows a lot of skin.

when i have a good hair day

In the low light. In the summer when I've been in the fresh air

At parties

When my hair is clean and makeup done.

It’s in those moments when I totally nail it with an outfit. Choosing outfits is something I love to challenge myself with on a daily basis. When I know I’ve finally found that last missing piece, or when I think up a look and it ends up blowing me away, it’s that feeling of “Yaaaaas.” I feel like I’ve achieved something. I dress for myself, so it’s a victory when I’m feeling attractive as myself, for myself.

When I have my makeup on.

When I have made an effort; know that my outfit sufficiently covers/strategically hides my 'problem areas'; am showing my slightly quirky side; and generally, feel confident.

1. In bed, with my husband.
2. Walking around a town in an outfit that is incredibly comfortable, but looks a bit sharp and stylish. Everything is just right.

shopping, watching runaways, designig.

When I am dressed up with makeup on

When I look the way I want my life to be.

When I'm in a carefree, happy mood... While relaxing with friends and laughing a lot.

When I'm alone, well-rested, walking in a cool city (mostly Jerusalem), sitting in my favorite cafe, laughing at small things.

I feel at my most attractive when I'm wearing something new I've bought with money I've earned. I pair it with some lipstick and make the most of it. As long as it's not hot, because then I sweat and I don't find that very attractive at all.

when I am comfortable, in a jeans and sweater, with a bit of makeup.

when I have bouncy clean hair, shaved legs or a fresh brazilian

I feel most attractive when I've been working out regularly. Whether I'm particularly thin or not because of it, I feel like I am more in tune with my body. It's healthier, and so it doesn't seem to matter what clothes I'm wearing.

at church, when I take time to choose my outfit + I always wear a dress or a skirt.

I never really feel that attractive. Even when I think I have done a fairly good job of pulling a look together, I might see a photo of myself later and realize I didn't look as good as I thought. It seems I can recognize a well put together outfit on others but just can't manage it for myself.

When I've had a really good, long sleep.

At the ocean. Hair blowing in the wind, salt spray on my face, in a bikini and wearing a sarong.

When I've done something brave or scary or thrilling that puts me back in my body and fills my spirit--like thriving on a tough, five-day kayaking trip in the Baja or stopping a bully right in the act or having an important but hard conversation with loved ones.

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